blaze3713 asked:

I hate to mess with one of your headcanons, but KH 3D seems to imply that Mickey is royalty by marriage, not birth. Any thoughts?

Nah, you’re not messing with my headcanon at all. In fact, I’m just excited when I hear about what people think about them. It makes my day. ^^

But to answer your question blaze3713, I definitely see where you’re coming from. Even without the implications in KH3D, any one of the Mickey cartoons that have to do with fairy tales always have Mickey marry into royalty. 

I mean, ya got The Prince and the Pauper, The Three Musketeers movie, Ye Olden Days, and a bunch more I forget about. XD But I actually got one of my headcanons solely from one of these shorts.

Seriously though, this is one if not my favorite Mickey Mouse short of all time. I can gush about it all day, but I’ll save that for another time. In this short, there are two Mickey’s- one as the poor person who gets to see what royalty is like, and the Prince ((BRITISH MICKEY MOUSE IS LIFE)) who gets himself into the streets to see what “freedom” is like.

Now anyone can argue that the poor Mickey is the main protagonist. He’s the character that gets the most screen time, the most songs, and he’s the one who becomes crucial in a important death scene. Make note of that- it’s important for later.

But even if Pauper Mickey is the main character, I’d argue that the Prince has the more interesting backstory. He at first doesn’t have any worries and life is good, but it takes him going to the real world and experiencing how things really are before he gets the drive to save his kingdom.

That kinda sounds like the King during BBS. At first Mickey is being trained by YenSid without really any problems. But it takes him escaping to other worlds and experiencing the heartless firsthand for him to realize how the worlds are really in danger.

But ya know what really is similar between Prince Mickey and King Mickey from the KH series? They both didn’t get fully motivated to take things seriously until someone dies. 

Yes, it’s pauper Mickey who witnesses the King’s death in the cartoon, but when you see the short it’s only until the Prince hears about his father’s death that causes him to realize the responsibilities he has for his kingdom. 

King Mickey has the same, albeit delayed reaction. During BBS he uses the Star Shard to travel worlds because he was impatient to see other worlds. It wasn’t until he got involved in the mess with Xehanort and seeing Terra, Ven, and Aqua fall one by one that he suddenly takes life more seriously and continues his training. 

I say it’s delayed because there was a brief moment when he wanted to give up because he was so depressed over it, but when you look at his attitude throughout the rest of the series, you can see how the experience influenced him later on.

In the rest of the series, he’s more serious, he doesn’t partner up with the rest of the cast, and he tries to do everything he can to stop Xehanort himself. He’s grown up a lot since BBS. 

It’s the same with Prince Mickey. All he wanted to do was to escape his life and have fun. At first things were great, but later on he witnesses how truly awful the kingdom has fallen. But his father’s death clenched it. He runs off to the kingdom to accept responsibility, kicks off Pete, and according to the end became one of the best rulers in the kingdom. Although it doesn’t show the amount of growth he goes through like it does for the King in the KH series, it shows enough to tie up his story.

And that’s why I like the idea that the King was originally royalty. The story of an idealistic, but naive prince seeing the real world and having to grow up in order to help others later in life really fits King Mickey’s character/story to me.