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Fictober Drabbles - Day 21

Today’s @stoickovic prompt: “Sneak”

Love snuck up on them, slow and stealthy. There was no fanfare, no sting of Cupid’s proverbial arrow. It hunkered down behind duty and circumstance, masquerading as loyalty and partnership. It hid in the shadows, quietly growing stronger, undetected. Only after its infiltration was nearly complete did it become visible, by then so thoroughly entwined within the structure of them that its expulsion would’ve been impossible.

She likened it once to a switch flipping, but he thinks of it more as an unveiling. It didn’t just spring into being one day; it was there all along, waiting to be seen.

mulder every episode: sleep? scully…😂 the grind never stops 👏we stay alien hunting🏃 no breaks😈 trustno1 😤 cash money💵 been ripe for years👅carl sagan 4:20💪