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I think my favorite thing about this Pinto moment is that Zach has just said “misappropriated” to the interviewer (while obviously tipsy, which is impressive) and Chris interrupts to say “misappropriated is a wonderful word,” so then Zach hOOKS HIS FINGER IN HIS LAPEL AND MURMURS “MISAPPROPRIATED, MISAPPROPRIATED” WHILE PULLING HIM AWAY FROM THE INTERVIEWER AND MAKING BEDROOM EYES AND THEN THEY QUICKLY SAY GOODBYE AND WANDER AWAY THEY HAVE KILLED ME I AM DEAD [X]
USA Network Developing Con Artist Drama Starring ‘Star Trek’s’ John Cho (EXCLUSIVE)
USA Network is eyeing yet another high-stakes drama.
By Elizabeth Wagmeister

Insiders tell Variety the cabler is developing “Connoisseur,” an hourlong drama hailing from Gary Lundy, “Hand of God” creator Ben Watkins and “Star Trek’s” John Cho, who will star in the series.

“Connoisseur” centers around Clay Park (played by Cho), a brilliant con artist who dupes the wealthiest, most powerful people in the country into paying millions for fake wine, but his hustle forces him into a deadly bargain with an organized crime syndicate, puts him in the cross-hairs of the FBI, and unearths the details of a tragedy that fractured his family years ago in Korea.


Mark Lenard, famously known as Spock’s father ’Sarek’ and the Romulan Commander in the episode “Balance Of Terror” actually became the first actor to play a Klingon with forehead ridges (and the first to speak the Klingon language) when he appeared as the Klingon Captain of the IKS Amar in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Lenard had actually requested to reprise his role as Sarek for this film, but when his request was declined, he was offered the role of the Klingon captain instead