graphics: the hobbit

In which Lee Kwangsoo sums up a k-pop bias perfectly.

Gandalf: -turns to legolas- go, find strider.

Legolas leaves.

Gandalf: my otp begins.

-Visits them 30 years later-

Gandalf: so…. Settled now?

Legolas and Aragorn confused.

Another 30 years later.

Gandalf: -shortly before fight with balrog- why the fuck won’t you two hitch up?!

Aragorn: we… Our horses aren’t with us.

Gandalf: fuck you, you piece of shit, I send you a hottie and you go for a different elf, wasting my hard work!

Aragorn: I do not understand.

Gandalf: you were the chosen ones!!! My OTP!!! Mine!!!!!

Legolas used Swag Ass on Gimli.

It was super effective.

Gimli used harden.

Legolas is in love.

Gandalf: never going to happen…. Burn…… -Sobs as he runs to tell on legolas to Thranduil-
Aragon: -doing king duties -

Aragorn son: why does Gandalf don’t visit so much and when he does just sits there and glares at you?

Aragorn: -pauses- long story son.
Gandalf sobbing in the arms of Thranduil-

Thranduil: I understand Gandalf, I too was unhappy with my son’s choice and tastes in men. I have no idea where he gets it from. -Hugs Gandalf as sees Thorin coming over and waves his hands in panic for him to not come over.-