graphics: star trek

  • Janeway: That’s it! You’re all grounded. [To Tom] No Captain Proton for you. [To Harry] No clarinet for you. [To Neelix] No cooking for you.
  • Janeway: [To B'Elanna]…Oh my God, is there anything you love?
  • B'Elanna: Revenge.
  • Janeway: No vengeance for you.
  • B'Elanna: I was going to say, “I’ll get you for that,” but I guess that’s off the table.
Sometimes I feel judged by Google...

Me:  Map of –
Google:  I can do maps.  Do you need your city?  Are you travelling?
Me:  - the Alpha Quadrant.
Google:  *sigh* 

Me:  Voyager –
Google:  YES!  The Voyager 1 Space Probe is so cool, it launched in 1977 –
Me: - crew manifest Star Trek
Google:  *sigh*

Me:  History of –
Google: I’m AWESOME at history!  What do you want?  History of France? Ancient Egypt?
Me: - the Klingon Empire
Google:  You have got to be fucking kidding me.