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I’ve never understood the concept of this whole “ they’re from SM, of course they are going to win.” That’s bullshit. DBSK was the only boy group at the time, Super junior took over three years to gain their first successful hit, snsd was one of the only girl groups then, shinee and f(x) may be successful but they have never had the same success as their labelmates. If growl hadn’t become a massive hit with the general public, who knows where exo would be because they only had moderate success before that. Red Velvet gets overshadowed by twice and blackpink.

SM made kpop what it is. They debuted the first boy group in 1996, years before the concept of sm privilege existed. I think that most people are forgetting that over half of these groups debuted before the massive influx of kpop groups, they got popular simply cause there weren’t that many to choose from but all of them had to work for their success just like any other, you disliking their company or crying “not fair” does not change that.


sm workshops get fuckin lit man

Did someone say… ULTRA  |ω•`)

*sigh* I guess my Sinnoh remake will have to wait huhu
Arceus please >.<

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