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Sherlock Holmes: The Birth of a Legend

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Imagine: Seeing Sherlock Wear His Deerstalker for the First Time
  • Sherlock: (Y/N), look away!
  • You: um, oka-
  • Sherlock: Oh, there's no need to blush, I'm not undressing. Also you can't come with me on this case.
  • You: What? Why?
  • Sherlock: Be-because its... dangerous! Yes, far too dangerous for you, my love.
  • You: *smirking* you're lying... Are you hiding something from me?
  • Sherlock: N-no. Why would I do that?
  • You: *mimicking Sherlock* Oh, there's no need to blush.
  • Sherlock: Am I blushing? You must be mistaken. I mean, it is awfully warm in here.
  • John walks in the flat
  • You: JOHN! What is he hiding from me?!
  • John: Um... he's... um... what is this about exactly?
  • Sherlock: *whisper yells something through his teeth*
  • John: Oh come on! She's going to see the hat some day!
  • You: The hat? That silly little deerstalker everyone makes fun of him for?
  • John: Yup, now if you'll excuse me, I've got a date.
  • You: You were literally here for five seco-
  • John Hurries out of the flat
  • You: Well go on, Holmes, put it on.
  • Sherlock: *grabbing deerstalker* Not until you turn around.
  • You: *Taking the hat from Sherlock's hand and placing it on his head* Why? I think you look cute in the hat.
  • Sherlock: *places hat on your head* I think you look cuter in it.
  • You: *taking off the hat to examine it* Maybe it's just the hat that's cute.
  • Sherlock: *catching your gaze" it's definitely not the hat that's cute.
  • You: *giggling, while putting the hat back on Sherlock* Don't you have a case to solve?
  • Sherlock: Of course. *gesturing towards the door* shall we?
  • You: *smiling* We shall.
  • You and Sherlock share a kiss before hurrying out of the flat.
Want Some More? Here’s Chapter Four

Not Entirely Clueless - Sherlock Holmes, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a gay disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; yet he had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to interest or intrigue him. And then the murders began.

Chapter Four - From some comments Molly had previously made, Sherlock had supposed that her romantic proclivities tended toward an appreciation of young gentlemen; but he now deduced that she was as partial to the attractions of both sexes as he had always found himself to be indifferent to them.

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“I don’t have friends… I’ve just got one.” - Sherlock, The Hounds of Baskerville 🤝

This is my epq survey, its on the variations of Sherlock Holmes.

It shouldent take that long to take but there are several questions that require you to write your answer, but im not perfect at English so dont worry if the answers arent either.

All the questions are also optional but it would be really helpful if they were all answered.