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So my family is extremely political. We are almost all very liberal (even the relatives in their 80s).

So was watching a tv show (North and South) when my phone dinged. Text message. One of my aunts asking if I was home.

Me: yep watching a show

(Phone rings)

Aunt: So, what show?

Me: BBC version of North and South. NOT the one about the US.

Aunt: Is it any good?

Me: it’s lovely! (Goes on to give details)

Aunt: Who is in it?

Me: Richard Armitage, who is just gorgeous in it.

Aunt: …….. Don’t you think he is a little old for you?

Me: Uhm. No. We are very close in age. (I’m 44)

Aunt: He’s older than me or your mother!! He’s a lot older than either of us. Besides he is a Republican!! (They are mid60s)

Me: (dawning realization….trying NOT to laugh) No no no. You are thinking the politician. I am talking the British actor.

(Texts pic)

Aunt: Oh! My! He is quite the pretty man isn’t he?

Me: Facepalm.

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Happy 45th Birthday, Mr. Armitage!

This 45th year has seen Richard involved mainly in audio stuff… and Berlin Station.  We saw very little of him on big screen, but we managed to see the inside, the behind and the between the scenes. 

Thank you Richard for this year you ‘spent’ with us, somehow or other.

I wish you all the Best in your Life and in your Career (hoping to be able to watch at least some of your stuff in your 46th year…)

Doing the audio commentary on Hannibal, Sept. 2015

Recording David Copperfield in London, Sept. 2015

Attending Leeds Film Fest in Nov. 2015 for Urban and the Shed Crew .

Introducing us to Daniel Miller in Nov. 2015.

Recording The Chimes in Berlin, Nov. 2015

Wishing us a Merry Christmas with some previously unseen pics .

Making us laugh with your “lack of Marriage proposals” on 29th February 2016

Making our hearts weep at Berlin Stadt Mission, March 2016.

Making us hold our breath seeing you in a white shirt in La Palma, April 2016.

Seeing you again as a Majestic King on screen, May 2016.

Making us drool with your new hot spy Daniel Miller in Berlin Station, May/June 2016.

Making us hope against hope for a rocker in June 2016… to have our hopes shattered in July 2016:’(

Making us all melt with a wonderful smile and your caring words in your message for Cybersmile, 22nd June 2016.

Making us happy (again!) with your second Saturn in a row. For Francis Dolarhyde, on Hannibal. On 22nd June 2016.

Teasing us with your newest audiobook work (that we now know to be Romeo and Juliet) in July 2016.

Being hot as hell at TCA in Los Angeles, 30th July 2016.

Changing your profile pic and opening accounts for both Facebook AND Instagram in August 2016.