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I really hate the whole 'pervert teacher likes to get boys lusting after her' thing in the game. You know what would make more sense? Senpai's grades are slipping after like, what 5+ weeks of possible death and murder? So a teacher tutors him to help him. Ayano gets jealous she's monopolizing his time. She's not supposed to be 100% cool and calculating, right? If a drama practice inspires her murder plot, I can see her jumping to that conclusion.

Your idea of it makes a lot more sense;
I mean, if I was a high school boy and a teacher kept trying to get with me after 5 or more weeks of murder, I wouldn’t be swooning over her– if anything, Taro’s main focus would be the paranoia of being the next one to die, or losing another person he cares about, etc. My grades would’ve plummet into the dirt after that much trauma so I don’t see why Yanderedev didn’t take that approach over the obvious pedophile route. 
It seriously feels like Yanderedev is trying to input as many of his fetishes in the game as possible


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Relationship Status: Single and I hope to stay single.

Favorite Color: Blue!!
(Ha, I have blue hair, blue jeans, blue shoes, and a blue jacket on right now) 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick (preferably medicated) 

Last song I listened to: Master of Puppets (Metallica)
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Last Movie I watched: I honestly don’t know. 

Top 3 characters: Of anything? Mad King (X-ray and Vav), Rick (Rick and Morty), and Zane (Ninjago)

Top 3 ships: Mep

Books/Manga: I’ve never read a manga, so I’m going to go with Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Top 5 Musicals: I don’t know any, oops

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Hello~ so as quite a few people have been asking for advice/help (which is perfectly fine) i thought of setting up a ressource page. It would have a list of blogs,websites , posts and any other reference/ressource that could be useful. Would you guys use it/do you want me to make it? If you do would anyone want to help me find these ressources?

  • Person: *looks at me*
  • Me: they're looking at me because they found my tumblr blog and they've seen all my posts and well I guess it's time I deactivate my account it was nice expressing my demon but everything good must come to an end unfortunately