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ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 7, episode 2 : The Forms of Things Unknown

past : Inspired by the Land of Ever’s potential for a happy ending, Emma decides to return to the Land Without Magic to find Ryan and unite her family once and for all. When Cynthia arrives from the Land of Oz to be with Ruby, Emma asks her about the nature of realm-jumping, and Cynthia reminds her about the rules of the totem that allows a person to jump to and from the Land Without Magic. Suddenly remembering that Merlin enchanted her swan necklace to allow her and Mary Margaret to jump through time, Emma uses it to take herself, Ruby, and Cynthia to the Land Without Magic once again. Regina eases herself back into life in the Land of Ever, gladly accepting a room in Castle Misthaven, and as a promise to Henry, she swears off any use of magic. Meanwhile, far, far away, on Bald Mountain, Chernabog has been brought back to life by the ending of the Servant’s cursed legacy and finds that he is surrounded by hundreds of other Servants, including Gold and Zoso. However, they are all bound to Bald Mountain, and cannot leave - but Chernabog has an idea of how they might gain their freedom once more.

present :  Thousands of years ago, Titania, queen of the fairies, gives birth to a pair of twins called Chernabog and Celestina. She raises them on their own, passing along the fairy traditions, knowledge that will be valuable throughout their immortal lives. But when the twins turn ten years old, their father, Oberon, kidnaps Chernabog and begins to corrupt his mind with dark magic. Titania raises Celestina to be wise, honest, good, and always helpful to others. When the twins reach adulthood, Oberon and Chernabog enchant a dagger that, for the first time, will be able to kill a fairy, and Chernabog is given the task of killing Titania. When he does so successfully, his sister is horrified and binds his soul to the dagger by engraving his name on its blade, forcing Chernabog to be under the control of whatever person possesses it. Celestina uses the dagger to banish Chernabog to Bald Mountain, where his darkness cannot harm anyone. Chernabog spends decades magically corrupting his soul to allow him to live on after the death of his physical body by inhabiting the spirit of whomever kills him with the dagger. Chernabog confronts his sister in a battle for the possession of the dagger and just when he gets the upperhand, one of Celestina’s followers, a fairy named Mab, manages to steal the dagger from Chernabog and kill him with it, unaware of his wicked plan. As the life leaves Chernabog, his cursed spirit - a hulking winged monster with massive horns - rips itself from his body and passes into Mab. Chernabog’s name fades away from the dagger and is replaced with hers. Before he dies, however, Chenabog uses the last of his magic to banish his sister to the evening star, only able to return when someone calls upon her.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Salma Hayek as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Celestina/Evelyn Oxford, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Michael Fassbender as Chernabog

guest stars include : Gustaf Skarsgard as Zoso, Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania, Vincent Cassel as Oberon, DJ Greenburg as Young Chernabog, Megan Charpentier as Young Celestina, Katie McGrath as Mab

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Red and Gold Surcoat Evil Queen Custom Funko

This is a complicated repaint and partial resculpting of the Maeve funko from Westward into one of my favorite EQ looks from 6.02 when she hires the Count of Monte Cristo.  I’ve carved away her skirt and added some clay shoulder details.  Repainted her face and took the pink flowers in her hair and made them into gold and copper flowers.  Her coat is painted with a base coat of brown, burgundy, metallic esspresso, and gold with a wash of brown and burgundy again on top.  She has a brown gloss collar and cuffs. The wine goblet is original to the funko but I think works for the EQ.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.  

I do this to hide my pain for my dead ship 😢

“Listening to your voice took away that pain… even just for a brief moment” Killian to Ursula

I’m so sad … the end of descendants 2 is not what I imagined, now I’ll hibernate until news about a third part comes out.

Disney sold us smoke…