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The Duchess - Part 3

Summary: She hated him, for everything he had done to them, the damage he had caused, the suffering and pain he had left behind. She hated him… Didn’t she? Emilia comes face to face with the leader of the Saviours and is confronted with his true nature, which in turn has her questioning her own.

Warning/s: Eventual smut, slow burner, profanity/swearing, graphic descriptions of violence.

Pairing: Negan/OC

Part 1 | Part 2

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Part 3 

“Olivia.” He raised his voice only slightly, but poor Olivia jumped, letting out a frightened squeak as she clung to her clipboard. “Go get somethin’ to fix up the lady’s lip.”

As Olivia scurried away he stepped closer, his eyes half lidded as he bent his head to hers. “Though i’d be happy to kiss it all better for you right now, if you’re up for it.”

“You’re disgusting.” She sneered and Negan leaned back and clutched his hands to his chest mockingly.

“Oh Duchess, you’ll break my heart.” His eyes traced her body admiringly and he sat down on the couch, tapping the space next to him with a deliberate flourish.

She forced herself to sit, her posture was rigid as he threw his arm across the back of the floral couch, his fingers grazed her shoulder.

“So tell me, where in the UK are you from?” He asked and she shot him a condescending glare. He raised a single brow in warning and so she sighed and answered.

“London. Are we indulging in small talk now?”

“Huh.” He leaned back as he observed her. One hand toying with Lucille as it rested against the arm of the couch. “London. So a real Duchess then?”

She rolled her eyes feeling exasperated. He’d be asking if she’d had tea with the Queen next. “Not everyone from London is royalty.”

“No.” He whispered, leaning in and taking that lock of hair in his fingers again. “But you most certainly are.” He grinned again, that disarmingly charming smile that had her looking away from him. Someone like him, she thought, who had done the things he had and was capable of such horror, shouldn’t have a smile like that.

Thankfully the swift footsteps alerted her to Olivia’s arrival, with antiseptic and a cotton pad in hand. She bent toward Emilia before a large, tanned hand intercepted her.

“I got it, thank you Olivia!” Olivia seemed a bit off balance as Negan took the supplies from her. She gathered herself and let out a watery sniff, before taking a seat at the table in the corner of the room.

“This is gonna sting like a bitch darlin’.” He said as he shook the bottle and placed more antiseptic on the pad. He put the bottle on the table and took her chin in his thumb and forefinger again, just as he had when examining the initial damage, this time holding her still as he dabbed at the cut.

He was surprisingly gentle but it still stung like hell. She remained still and didn’t say a word. If letting him play nurse meant that he was leaving Olivia alone then she vowed to endure it.

“There, much better. Though it might be a little swollen for a while. No kissing for you, doctors orders!” There was that smile again accompanied with a wink, then suddenly his expression darkened as he continued. “I’ll be sure to tell Rick he needs to respect my professional diagnosis.”

She frowned in confusion as she looked at him, he was staring at her intently as though he was waiting for a confirmation of something. “Rick and I aren’t-” She broke off mid sentence, changing her mind. She didn’t need to justify herself to this maniac and she wouldn’t put Michonne in the firing line by revealing their relationship.

“No?” He seemed genuinely intrigued as he used the other side of the pad to wipe away the dried blood which had trailed down her neck to her collarbone. “Well, that tender little scene I witnessed earlier had me believing otherwise. Especially seeing as he was so keen for me to stop flirtin’ with you.”

“That’s just Rick, he’d do that for any of the women.” Negan discarded the cotton pad and sat back, his fingertips grazing her shoulder again as he contemplated her words.

“I wonder how they’re gettin’ on… Who d’ya reckon took ‘em? My money’s on the jumped up little prick who opened the gate. What’s his name… Steven, Stuart?”

“Spencer.” She ground out, feeling fury bubble up again. If it had been him she’d kill him herself. The little weasel.

“Ohh… Not him then.” Negan watched her reaction to the name carefully and rubbed his face with his hand, his beard scratching against the leather glove. “Ok I give up guessing! So who is your boyfriend?”

Her eyes flicked to him for a moment in confusion as she forgot to keep her rigid posture, her tone was both condescending and sarcastic when she spoke. “Excuse me?”

“I’m interested.” He shrugged his shoulders and his eyes drifted to Olivia, some twisted realisation lit in his eyes. “Unless you’re…” He paused, pointing with his gloved hand between the two women. “I mean that’d be totally cool if you were, you know… I mean you’re a little outta her league.” He leaned into her side and whispered this from the corner of his mouth in a hushed manner, as if divulging a secret.

“I’m straight.” Emilia said coldly, hating the look of self disgust on Olivia’s face. “So is Olivia.”

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” He said, looking right at her before he swiftly stood from his seat. “I need a little fresh air ladies. Lets go take a seat outside, it’s such a lovely day!”

Both women glanced at each other as Negan swung Lucille up to rest on his shoulder and sauntered outside, expecting them to follow. Which of course, they did.

Negan directed them to the picnic table and chairs which were set up on the small patio, once Olivia was seated he took the chair beside her and draped his arm over the back of her shoulders, stretching his long legs out in front of him. She told herself she was glad to be away from him, but felt sorry for Olivia, who currently had Negan pressed against her side and conflicting emotions on her features. She was so easy to read, which was why Negan was tormenting the poor woman. She wasn’t used to being the focus of attention, especially the attention of a broad shouldered, well muscled, tall and masculine psychopath. Emilia could tell Olivia felt flattered at the attention, the deep red blush which had suffused her face was evidence enough of that.

Emilia turned where she stood, unable to witness how he was affecting poor Olivia, she folded her arms across her chest as she looked up to the window of the nearest house, the curtain moved and the familiar piercing blue eyes of her leader were visible for a split second. It only took her moments to realise whose house that was and that Rick had come to the same conclusion as Negan, and so was searching Spencer’s home.

She clenched her jaw in fury at the thought of Spencer double crossing them, she knew he had it in for Rick. He was a spoiled little boy who thought he knew best. She knew only too well that people like him didn’t last very long in this world now. He was spineless and a coward and she despised him.

She had tuned out most of what Negan was saying to Olivia, mostly because he was baiting her and deliberately trying to make her uncomfortable, that was until his raised voice caught her attention and she turned back to him as he called out.

“Am I borin’ you sweetheart?” He asked her, his espresso eyes showed a brewing storm as he observed her. He leaned forward, removing his arm from around Olivia as he pushed off his knees to stand, picking Lucille up as he sauntered toward her.

“Actually, don’t answer that. Knowin’ you you’ll probably say yes…” He leaned sideways, his much taller, broader form casting a shadow over her. “And that’ll just break my heart.”

“You keep talking about your heart like you actually have one.” She said, unable to keep the thought to herself which had occurred to her the first time he had mockingly clutched at his own chest.

“Ohhh! Straight in the nutsack!” He jolted backward, looking at her with barely suppressed glee. He smirked again, one side of his mouth tilting upward to showcase those even, white teeth again. “We’re gonna have fun Duchess, I can tell.”

He took in a deep breath and surveyed the area around him. His body language was always so at ease, she noted, like he was so unfazed and unthreatened, it screamed alpha male and dominance and she had quickly realised since meeting him why everyone feared him so much.

“Come on girls.” His deep, rough voice intruded on her observations. “Let’s go see how ol’ Rick is doing with his search.”

They followed him from the patio to the road out front. He opened the connecting side gate and motioned them through ahead of him in an act of chivalry so brutally at odds with what he was capable of that the thought made her dizzy.

His men were loading up their haul onto the large vans they had brought with them, Emilia cringed as she saw their chairs, mattresses, guns and most other furniture piled high inside. She glared sideways at Negan, who was watching her expression closely with a smirk on his face. Then Rick was approaching, a small corded bag in his hand. This diverted Negan who turned away from her to face the other man, his hands taking the bag as he asked.

“What’chu got for me Rick?” He opened it and looked down, a dark chuckle left him as he continued. “Well would’ya look at that, they were here after all.”

He turned to Rick, leaning sideways again as if to emphasise his height advantage as he sought to catch Rick’s gaze, she noticed a vein in Negan’s tanned neck pulsate as he spoke. “Funny how a little ‘Holy shit somebody’s gonna die!’ lights a fire under everybody’s ass.”

Olivia whimpered and Emilia clenched her jaw and closed her eyes momentarily in frustration at the her weakness. Now Negan’s attention was back on them as he stood next to Rick.

“Tell me Rick, which one of your fine folks almost cost Olivia the rest of her days?” Rick kept his eyes on Emilia, refusing to look at Negan as he answered.

“Doesn’t matter anymore-” He Rick began, but was quickly cut off by Negan.

“No! It matters, see you need to get everybody on board.”  He sent a pointed glance Emilia’s way as he repeated “Everybody.”

“Or we just go right back to square one.” He handed the bag to the man with the scarred face, Dwight she thought his name was, who was stood next to the truck. They loaded the final weapons up and pulled the large metal door down, shutting their belongings away for good.

Negan banged his leather clad fist on the iron twice, she felt Olivia jump beside her, the engine started and the trucks rolled their way down the hill and outside the gate. Negan gestured that they all followed him as he walked his way down, looking around in apparent enjoyment at his surroundings.

“Helluva place you got here Rick.” He gestured with open arms and turned to them, his eyes lingering on Emilia before looking to Rick.

She watched as Rick glanced to their left and she followed his gaze to see Michonne stood in the broken window of one of the outbuildings, an animal slung over her shoulders. Her gaze went quickly back to Rick as he asked Negan to give him a second, she frowned as she wondered what he was thinking.

Negan rocked on his heels and his eyes narrowed as he turned around to follow their gazes, Michonne quickly ducked away from his line of sight

“No…” He spoke softly and with a smile, she could tell by his tone he was waiting for something and she ground her teeth in frustration as Rick sighed, she could almost feel him swallowing his pride as he looked up.

“Please..” He ground out. “Can you just give me a second.” He raised his eyes to Negan and she saw the taller man’s lip twitch in a smirk as he got exactly what he wanted. Negan nodded once as he smiled at Rick, again winning the power play between them, who quickly took off toward the outbuilding still holding Lucille.

She followed him with her eyes until he disappeared inside, again leaving her with Negan, whose eyes were roaming her from head to toe. He leant back against the car behind him and folded his arms, one hand, the gloved one, raised to his face as he stroked his bearded jaw in thought.

They remained in almost silence in Rick’s absence, with Negan merely observing her and humming an unrecognisable tune. She refused to move, to break eye contact and so she stared him down, aware of the twitch of his lips as he enjoyed their stand off.

She only broke eye contact when Rick came back, Lucille still in his hands and Michonne storming ahead of him. Her eyes flicked back to Negan who was eyeing the new development in consideration.

“Look at this!” He crowed as Michonne stormed passed him, deer draped over her shoulders toward the last van belonging to The Saviours, only faltering in her step when she saw Daryl.

“I thought she was scavenging but she was hunting.” Rick’s voice drew her attention and Emilia watched in disbelief as he held out the uncatalogued rifle to be taken by Negan. “This one never came inside, we kept it near the line.”

Negan seemed thrilled whilst she was stunned, there was no need for that and she didn’t understand why he had given them the last weapon they had. Her faith in her leader shook for a moment as Negan looked the gun over.

“This is somethin’ to build a relationship on! Good for you Rick, this is reading the room and gettin’ the message! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.” He leaned sideways and pointed toward Rick with the rifle. “You sir, are special.”

“Now that you know we can follow your rules…” Rick began and Negan pivoted on his foot, his head tilted as he spoke. She knew what he was trying to do and she wanted to tell him not to give Negan the satisfaction, but her heart ached at the thought of her friend stuck with these animals.

“Yeeees?” He drew out, his eyes darkening with warning as if he almost knew what was coming next.

“I’d like to ask you if Daryl can stay.” Emilia looked back to Negan to see his reaction. He smirked and shook his head once.

“Not happenin’.” Then his mouth turned down in contemplation as he appeared to change his mind. “You know what, I don’t know. Maybe Daryl can plead his case. Maybe… Daryl can sway me?”

They all turned to look at Daryl, his head was bowed and now she could she fully took him in. He looked worse than she’d ever seen him, he was sickly pale and his hair stringy and lifeless. His face was an amalgamation of black and blue bruises and she felt her hatred for The Saviours consume her as he only bowed his head in submission and remained silent.

“Daryl?” Negan prodded, a large self satisfied smile stretching his lips. He chuckled at the silence and turned back to Rick. “Well, you tried! Now what you gotta do is get over that tall wall of yours and try harder out there. Earn for me. Cause we’re coming back soon and when we do you better have somethin’ interesting for us… Or Lucille, she’s gonna have her way.

“I want you to hear that again.” He leaned into Rick again, enjoying it as the other man turned away from him, submitting to his dominant body language. “If you don’t have something interesting for us… Somebody’s gonna die… And no more magic guns.”

“Alright!” Negan turned on his heel, his back to Rick again and his tone suddenly jovial. “It’s gettin’ late, grab that deer and lets go home.”

Michonne threw the deer from her shoulders, glaring at Negan and Emilia couldn’t help it as she huffed out a soft laugh. Only Michonne could deposit a dead deer with so much attitude.

Negan span on his heel to look at her, answering her quickly fading smile with a large, cocky grin of his own. “Well, darlin’ I do believe that’s the first smile I seen outta you since I got here. Since it’s such a pretty smile I’ll let your friend there get away with the way she’s lookin’ at me. If she’s still lookin’ at me like that when I turn around again… Well even your pretty little face wont stop Lucille makin’ sure she can’t ever look at me like that again.”

Emilia quickly glanced to Michonne, who grit her teeth in disgust and lowered her eyes, quickly walking back the way she came and as she passed Negan, her eyes averted from him, he laughed and pumped his fist once in victory.

“Man, I love a gal that buys me dinner and doesn’t expect me to put out!” Negan chuckled in Rick’s ear as they watched Michonne leave, those dark eyes slid over to Emilia and he winked at her once before he spoke again to Rick.

“So nobody died… And you know what I think, I think you and I refined our understanding. Lemme ask you somethin’ Rick. You want me to go?” He stood face to face with Rick now, no longer stooping but showcasing his full height and build. This was the first time she realised that she’d seen him in all his ‘glory’… For the first time he wasn’t relaxed, leaning to and fro or using his body language to show just how unthreatened he was. For the first time he had drawn himself up and she realised just how tall and broad he was, at least 6 ft 2 she thought.

“I think that’d be good.” Rick drawled, his face pale and drawn. He looked so much smaller in comparison, so beaten and broken.

Negan smiled. “Then just say those two magical words!”

Rick looked down to his feet, grinding his teeth together as he stepped forward once. His voice was low, but not low enough that Emilia and Negan’s men didn’t all hear him when he said it.

“Thank you.”

Negan’s posture relaxed and he leant back and chuckled along with his men, his hands in his pockets as he responded. “Don’t be ridiculous, thank you.

Emilia watched, feeling the tension in the air. A beat passed and a shuffling, gurgling sound came from between the vehicles behind Negan.

“Another one! You need our help.” He spoke condescendingly to Rick before turning to one of his men. “Davy, hand me that candlestick over there.”

“You know what I think Rick, I think we’re both gonna come outta this winners. Watch my form!” Negan span on his heel, candlestick in hand as he raised it over his head. Emilia glanced to Rick to see his gaze darkening, his fist clenching rhythmically around the handle of the weapon which had bludgeoned two of their group to death. She was sure he was considering the poetic justice of beating Negan’s head in with Lucille.

She waited. Negan brought the Candlestick down on the walkers head and sighed in satisfaction as it caved inward and the body collapsed, he stood, waiting with his back to Rick. Almost daring him to act. A moment passed and Rick stepped back, lowering his head again as Negan finally turned, discarding the weapon to his left.

“Ye-up. Win, win.” He levelled his dark eyes on Rick, his eyes said he was fully aware of what Rick had been about to do, and it only made his power greater that he hadn’t. “Clean that up for me for next time. Lets move out.” He walked passed Rick as his men made their way to their vehicles before he suddenly stopped.

“Oh wait…” He chuckled, spinning and looking at Rick again. “How careless of me! You didn’t think I was gonna leave Lucille did you? I mean after what she did I wouldn’t think you’d want her… Thank you for being so accommodating my friend.” His tone was mocking as he leant down and took Lucille from Rick’s barely there grip.

He looked at Emilia once more, licking his lips before speaking again to torment their leader, to humiliate him one final time before he departed. “In case you haven’t caught on, I just slipped my dick down your throat… and you thanked me for it.”

Rick’s eyes were still averted but she saw him blink as his emotions almost broke free from his stone wall facade. Negan turned away and stepped into the van, his eyes now wholly on Emilia as the engine started up.

“Until next time, Duchess.” He watched her for a moment, as if committing her to his memory and she scowled at him fiercely in return. He laughed, flashing those perfect white teeth as he winked at her one final time, before turning to face the road as the final van left Alexandria.

Part 4 





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                                                                    it can never be replaced.


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