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Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

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changkyun x triple H lyrics

Felicity Smoak, MIT class of ‘09.


true love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for
                               because once you find it
                                                                    it can never be replaced.


2U4U2014 || Put down those burdens you carry, trust me

h a p p y   b i r t h d a y m a t s u s h i t a y u y a
誕生日おめでとう、松下優也!【 2014.05.24 】


New York City + Lin Manuel Miranda Lyrics || Hamilton + Aaron Burr, Sir

(x,x) ( entry, see annotation for more explanation of this lyric/reference if you’ve never had your commute enlivened by this shout)