graphics: jim


This is a gift.


Midnight is his to command. or maybe the other way around. Trollhunters AU where Jim gets corrupted by the darklands and turns into a cute troll with anger management issues…his clothes don’t fit him either but he gets told he’s p cute anyway by other trolls/friends :)c



For the doom of Gunmar, Eclipse is mine to command

% finished this series. I got the impression it gets better as it goes into the second half. Really, I wish it was 40 min long per episode, so it could have some ease-in and out moments to breathe. Other than that, it is really good. Designs on characters and world are just FUN itself. I bet it must be super fun for the designers to design stuff for this project.

 I hope they find someone else to replace Anton Yelchin for Jim’s voice for the second season. I would be really sad if the second season does not happen :(