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I want a love that defies the universe. I want Joscelin Verreuil storming La Dolorosa prison just for love. I want to have someone with me to travel to the southern tip of Africa in search for the Name of God. I want to be there, weeping, when in every language that name translates to Love. I want Imriel de la Courcel to think he is a completely different person. Travel through Empires to retrieve and convince his love Sidonie de la Courcel that she is under a spell. To get her to trust him and fall back in love with him even though he doesn’t know himself. I want Bao to travel to the feet of the Falconer and his bewitching Spider Queen demanding the release of his love, Moirim. I want him to crumble when thinking she is dead. To overcome the false lust and influence of opium when he learns the truth of her life. I want a love that will live throughout time and create legends.
Have you completed the A Song of Ice and Fire books and no longer know what to read to scratch that courtly intrigue you win or you die itch?

Well you’re an idiot and should have staggered that shit out but Christmas has come early and I present to you a solution.

I present to you the Kushiel’s Legacy series written by Jacqueline Carey.

It’s basically A Game of Thrones only set in alternate history France with Magical Prostitutes.

The first book is Kushiel’s Dart.

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You’re welcome.

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“Such a small thing on which to hinge such a fate. Nothing more than a mote, a fleck, a mere speck of color.”

–Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart

i. Apocalyptica; Beautiful ii. George Fenton; The Earth’s Highest Challenge iii. Trevor Morris; Saving Josh iv. Harry Gregson-Williams; Burning the Past v. Howard Shore, Billy Boyd; The Sacrifice of Faramir/The Edge of the Night vi. Thomas Bergersen; Merchant Prince vii. Danny Elfman; The Story viii. Thomas Bergersen; Soulseeker ix. Hedningarna; Räven (Fox Woman) x. Rammstein; Amour xi. Trevor Morris; An Historic Love