graphics: jacqueline carey

why is no one talking about Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey? It is kind of the best series written ever.

You want a strong, smart, competent, sensual female lead? got it.

you want terrible romance? got it

you want porn? unabashed, BDSM porn? done

you want daring action and adventure? boom

you want accurate representations of different theologies described beautifully and respectfully? already there

you want a new, made up theology that is brilliant and beautiful (like I would seriously consider following this religion if it weren’t 100% made up)? fucking booyah

you want politics and deep-laid intrigue? whomp there it is

you want spy shit? this is it

you want a culture that celebrates beauty but recognizes that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes? bingo

seriously GO READ IT

She was standing close enough that I could feel her warmth. It was too dark to see the blue of her eyes, but I could see the languorous sweep of her lashes. “Do you know what they say in Kusheth about sinners in Kushiel’s charge?” she asked, running the tip of one finger over my lower lip. I shook my head, dazed by her nearness. “It is said that when offered the chance for repentance, they refused it for love of their lord.” With the same hand, she undid my hair, letting it fall in a cascade. “I believe I have found the perfect gift for Prince Baudoin tonight,” she said casually, twining her hand in my hair. “You.” Jerking her grip tight, she brought me hard against her and kissed me.

I gasped when she released me and sat down hard on the rim of the fountain, unable to stand, the entire length of my body throbbing from the sudden contact with hers. She had bitten my lip, and I touched it with my tongue, wondering if she had drawn blood. Melisande laughed, the sound liquid in the moonlight. …

Turning, she beckoned to the darkness behind her. A fair young man, cast in the canon of Cereus House, stepped forward in compliance. “Jean-Louis,” Melisande said, laying her hand on his chest. “Phèdre is my guest. See that she is well pleased.”

He bowed gracefully. “Yes, my lady.”

She patted his arm and took her leave of the garden. “Be gentle with her,” she said over her shoulder, amusement in her voice.

Much to my dismay, he was.
—  Kushiel’s Dart, Jacqueline Carey
I want a love that defies the universe. I want Joscelin Verreuil storming La Dolorosa prison just for love. I want to have someone with me to travel to the southern tip of Africa in search for the Name of God. I want to be there, weeping, when in every language that name translates to Love. I want Imriel de la Courcel to think he is a completely different person. Travel through Empires to retrieve and convince his love Sidonie de la Courcel that she is under a spell. To get her to trust him and fall back in love with him even though he doesn’t know himself. I want Bao to travel to the feet of the Falconer and his bewitching Spider Queen demanding the release of his love, Moirim. I want him to crumble when thinking she is dead. To overcome the false lust and influence of opium when he learns the truth of her life. I want a love that will live throughout time and create legends.