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Michael Bluth~ ൠ, ♦, ✿

ൠ random headcanon - in a cruel twist of fate, he’s mildly allergic to bananas and didn’t realize it until he was in college when tracey pointed out that one’s mouth getting itchy after eating bananas was not a general thing that happened or should be happening

♦ quirks/hobbies headcanon - i feel like if michael was exposed to it at all, he’d be super drawn into video games like the civilization series. strategy, resource and time management, and the brutal destruction of one’s enemies? sign him up.

✿ sex headcanon - he’s a kinky fuck and the only person who knew that was his wife. he can switch it up depending on the partner, but in general he’s subby at women and Dommy at the few dudes who’ve ever caught his eye though he hasn’t had enough partners to realize this pattern yet. :V

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Shelnard. If disappointments were drinks, Sheldon was the most inebriated person at this party.

If disappointments were drinks, Sheldon was the most inebriated person at this party. Frankly, it was rather impressive considering the near empty punch bowl and countless beer bottles littered around the apartment. And while that in itself wasn’t an insignificant factor in the make-up of Sheldon’s disappointment, the worst of it undoubtedly laid in the fact that Leonard, for whose sake Sheldon had first objected and finally agreed to this travesty of a gathering, wasn’t here. So much for relying on social convention. With a bitter sigh, he moved to shoo an intoxicated stranger from Leonard’s chair, curling into the seat himself with Leonard’s gift tucked neatly against his chest and his gaze fixated on the door. Come home, come home, come home–

“Oh my god,” so I touch my face and I go, “Oh my god, I’m bleeding.” The guys— we don’t have a very macho group of guys that I work with. Sensitive. They’re sensitive. Johnny’s in like, tears. Simon’s vomiting in the corner. I’m like calming everyone down as the blood is gushing down my face. I’m like, guys, it’s gonna be okay. I was so amazed at how much blood was on my face. It was insane. I had to get stitches.
—  Kaley Cuoco on Jimmy Kimmel - Transcribed by: inouken

Totally excellent: fan-made Blackest Night motion comic.


For a special group of people, who sadly were not acknowledged in the office blog award nominations (for whatever reason! i couldn’t personally nominate everyone and then there are a lot of people no longer active) but still they have been a huge part of our office family during the past two years and deserve our recognition. I appreciate all of you more than I could ever express with gifs or words - thank you for being here for me and for us and for sharing your amazing creations, thoughts and emotions with the fandom!

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@goddessofcruelty answered to your post “calling all council members: emergency world domination party council meeting”

Worship the ground she walks on until she deigns to finish the slaughter? Hey, I know who will win.

No one said we should make it a war! We love her, we can’t fight her. …Well we could, but that doesn’t end well for anyone.

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Pls you guys.  The more Petopher porn the merrier.  Plus I am the slowest writer ever.  Let’s go, team effort! 

The rest of you, yes, absolutely. I however am in no way suited to destroying people with porn, darlings. I just can’t do it.

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I say give her a trophy.

Oh, we’ll do that too. Don’t worry. :P

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Something needs to be done. Mixing in those feels with porn like that… it’s criminal. The fics are getting better day by day and I… *sighs heavily* I don’t know if we’ll survive the month.

It’s May 8th. Trust me when I say that we won’t. Or at least Avith and I won’t, anyway.


So this is the most of us I’ve ever actually seen in one place at one time, we might actually come up with something this way. :P

Black And White And Red All Over

He wouldn’t have missed today for the world. Penny and an assortment of other attractive women could have stood in front of Penny’s door, beckoning him with a siren call to come and spend the entire day pleasuring and being pleasured, and he would have walked right by them, right down the stairs, keys jingling and a small skip to his step.

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tbqh so much of peter’s character is about control and wanting power that i cannot see him willingly submitting unless he is doing it as power play in which he still believes he has absolute control.


I’ve been tagged by red-jawn. Oooh darling that felt good *leer*

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1.) Which character do you really dislike?
I had to think really really really hard for this. Argh. Hmm. Dislike dislike… As in actively, oh hell no I am no clicking that fic or seeing that fanart dislike. None in Sherlock fandom (even Sally, because I am sure from her POV she was doing the right thing). None in the Hobbit fandom. None in Inception. None in the Avengers fandom…
I blame tumblr. Yes I admit when I was young and ignorant I frequently fell in the shameful “OH I HATE THIS FEMALE CHARACTER BECAUSE OF TRAITS I WOULD OTHERWISE LIKE IN A MALE CHARACTER”. But with tumblr’s mix and people just being able to paint different shades unto ALL characters equally, I find myself quite unable to genuinely hate any particular character.

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