graphics: haruhi

  • haruhi: do you have the time
  • tamaki: for you haruhi? haruhi are you joking? are you yankin my chain? are you joshin me? haruhi. i would always make time for you. my time is precious but you are more so. haruhi fujioka, you... are a shining pearl in the a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you *wipes tear*
  • haruhi: no man, like what time is it
Ouran High School Host Club Summary
  • Kyoya: We don't have money for that
  • Haruhi: And I don't want to do this
  • Hikaru: Adventure! Pranks! Chaos! Things!
  • Kaoru: Yes! Adventure! Hikaru! *Hikaru and Kaoru look at each other inappropriately then cause chaos*
  • Honey: I like cake and Takashi
  • Mori: Yeah
  • Host Club as a whole: *Running around like lunatics while Haruhi and Kyoya sigh*