graphics: dragon age

Cuz I mean…we didn’t really have bags with us…and our soldiers couldn’t have known that we’d need to catch killers in the servant quarters.

Addy was wearing this under her nutcracker outfit.
It was meant for Cullen originally…but this was her only excuse not to wear that terrible outfit anymore.

Adahlen Adventures
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you know what? i’ll name something dragon age does better than elder scrolls. your race choice matters more in dragon age.

in elder scrolls it affects your starting stats and you get a bonus ability or something based on your race. after that, it never really impacts gameplay again.

in dragon age….. well it still doesn’t really impact gameplay but it does impact the narrative/dialogue a bit. characters will regularly judge you for being this or that race and treat you differently for it. some romance options are only available to certain races. i most noticed this when i played a qunari in dragon age inquisition and everyone was after my horned ass. in this one mission i had to build up respect amongst a bunch of hoity toity fruitcakes, and being a qunari actually gave me a lower starting score.

elder scrolls likes to rag on about how racist everybody is. in skyrim, the stormcloaks supposedly hate dark elves and argonians, and the city of windhelm shows clear signs of segregation. dark elves have their own neighborhood and argonians aren’t even allowed to enter, having to stay outside on the dock. furthermore, khajiit aren’t allowed in any city at all, always living in tents just outside. but none of that ever impacts the player.

the stormcloaks will happily revere a dark elf or argonian should the player choose to fight for them. and at no point does anyone give you shit for being a khajiit either. the world would feel a lot more real if your race choice ever mattered beyond an npc saying “you are this race” now and then.

… alright, rant over.