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whats ur fav season and episode of community?

bless this question, and I know it’s not bfu related but community is my faaaavouriiittteee

gosh… I love seasons 3 and 1, and also 5! my fave episodes are:

  1. Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples (2x05) - “Abed, Abed Abed, aaaaahhhhh” (that’s me singing the weird hymn music they play during the episode)
  2. Basic Intergluteal Numismatics (5x03) - “I see a man… Using a social disorder as a procedural device. Wait wait wait, I see another man. Mildly autistic super detectives everywhere. Basic cable. Broadcast networks. Pain… Painful writing. It hurts.” 
  3. App Development and Condiments (5x08) - it’s like the social media episode of Black Mirror but way better
  4. Debate 109 (1x09) - “He was horny, so he dropped him! Man. Is. Evil!”
  5. Remedial Chaos Theory (3x03) - I mean… duh. So proud that it got nominated for an Emmy.

everyone,,, pls,,,, watch community

Duckiplier AU

That livestream got CRAAAAAAZY, woo-hoo. But it was super great to actually stream without the buffering and tremendous lag like last time. We had a real stream!

So, this is the resulting Duckiplier AU. Huey!Host (I don’t remember what we named him), Darkie, Webford, and Dr. Dewplier. There’s also a blog dedicated to this AU floating around somewhere….

Y’all are nuts.

I love it!