graphics: 3ds


Distrust (feat Denzel Curry, JK The Reaper & Nell)

Music video for track by Lunice put together by @samrolfes​ mixes realtime performance and motion tracking, rendered in the Unreal Engine gaming platform, mixed with surreal 3D forms with textures of alt-right memes and fake news:

Animated inside a game engine similarly to how I did videos for Amnesia Scanner, Danny L Harle, etc.I motion tracked this brilliant Brooklyn dancer Aarron Ricks inside a DIY venue in Queens and used that footage to drive all the deformation and fight against the regressive alt-right imagery pinning him down.

Used an experimental process to get the fabric simulations into the engine, and had to sync everything super carefully to be driven and reacting to the dancer; then going back in and performing parts of it live after the fact.