One Metro World: Metro Maps by Jug Cerovic

Metro maps are much more than mere functional diagrams to Jug Cerovic, he considers them works of art that shape our mental image of the city and contribute to an iconic shared identity.He has created 40 beautiful and efficient subway maps for 40 metropolises using a common graphic language in order to offer a new perspective as well as a platform for the exploration and enjoyment of the underground world. 

You can read an excerpt of the book “One Metro World” which he is self-publishing with a KickStarter Campaign from 27 September to 27 October.


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Editorial Design for La Forma by Koln Studio

“Concept, edition and design direction for the editorial piece “La Forma Bruta” by the photographer Martín Bollati. In this piece, Martín questioned himself about the historian’s figure and representation of history throughout his photography. This Project focuses on the representation of museums, relating to the object, questioning the exhibition system and the observer’s point of view. It seeks to reimagine and reinterpret history throughout his images.”

Founded at the end of 2014, Koln Studio fronts all types of projects, seeking for unique solutions for every costumer and working hand in hand. They work for institutions, businesses and private costumers in projects on different scales. Their aim is to offer global and lasting outcomes, working from the initial idea up to the final production, looking for original and solid concepts that provide a “design thinking” in the project’s strategy, enriching it and adding the values. 

A junior doctor is nothing without the tools of their trade. You’ll be surprised how much you can get into a tiny, tiny handbag, or the pockets of a pair of trousers…

I’ve been asked too many times by male colleagues just what is in my little handbag; usually it’s the same things they carry around in all their pockets then leave lying around the wards.

What do you carry in yours?