‘Chappelle’s Show’ Co-Creator Moves Into The Limelight With '3 Mics’

After working mostly as a behind-the-scenes guy with Chappelle’s Show and Inside Amy Schumer, Neal Brennan is stepping out as a performer with his new Netflix special, ‘3 Mics.’ Brennan tells Terry Gross that he didn’t get serious about stand-up until Chappelle’s Show, which he co-created and co-wrote, ended abruptly after Dave Chappelle left the country. 

Brennan also tells Terry why he and Chappelle decided they would not divulge who wrote what for Chapelle’s Show

I knew when we wrote together, that he would get all the credit in comedy, and I would get all the credit in show biz. So in comedy clubs, someone once referred to me as Dave’s typist in the past, that he would get the credit because he was a really well known comedian and I would get all the credit in show biz , because I was a white person, so therefore they’re predisposed to give me the credit over a black guy. And I was also the writer, and in LA, the writer is the organized task master, and the one who organizes the talent’s voice – Dave being the talent. People don’t want to believe that you’re both talented, they want to believe there’s this simple explanation of like Neil is Dave’s typist or Dave is this crazy genius that Neil types for or Neil is this puppet master who is telling Dave what to say, and how to say it and where to say it.  And both are insulting, so I was just like let’s keep it anonymous, so people can’t divide and conquer and it’s just a respect thing.”

Listen to the interview.

Photo credit: Neal Brennan