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admin pack -> camp crown

i was the creator and admin of @crownhq and before it got its makeover, it looked a bit like this! i’d say these graphics are good for any camp rp and can be adapted for royal camp rps (such as ours was). this pack includes:

  • header (suitable for mobile header)
  • banner and admin graphic (for notes, pages)
  • assorted promos (but the 2nd is my fav)
  • playlist graphic

it does not include a character graphic due to being appless.

psd used belongs to honeycolouring. download here.

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I’ve reached 15 000 followers and I want to celebrate it with another resources pack to show my gratitude for all your love and support. It contains my most frequently used resources made by me and some made by others. Please like/reblog if you download it and i hope you like it! :)

  • 32 psds (mine, not mine)
  • 3 graphics psd (mine)
  • 45 textures (not mine)
  • 45 Merlin icons (mine)
  • 20 fonts
  • 2 gif actions (not mine)

{download here}

*Also i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support, because without you my blog wouldn’t be possible. Thanks for doing Tumblr a better place ♥

Every ending has a new beginning.


lovelyz at hogwarts: lee mijoo // gryffindor // half-blood // sixth year // © 

With her girl-next-door looks and her outgoing personality, people are drawn to Lee Mijoo. Her down-to-earth and sweet charms - a subject, she is ironically failing in - makes her a popular Gryffindor, with many of her late night escapades around the castle influencing the first years to conduct their own (Lee Soojung, head girl: MIJOO JUST STAY IN YOUR COMMON ROOM). An avid fan of Quidditch since she was 8, she is ecstatic when she becomes one of Gryffindor’s chasers in her fifth year – however she can’t help but also have butterflies in her stomach when a certain Hufflepuff beater winks at her every time she’s out on the field.

“…he’s a ghost story.”