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Thank you so much to everyone that voted, we had over 5,000 votes cast! Here are the official prompts for Otayuri Week 2017, which has been moved to run from February 20 - February 26. These prompts can be romantic or platonic and as specific/broad as you like. All forms of media (fanfiction, fanart, graphics, cosplay, meta, etc) are accepted. Please read our About and Rules/FAQ for more information.

In addition to selecting the most popular prompts, we’ve also given two possible prompt options for most days as well as examples of topics for each prompt (note that these examples are just guidelines/suggestions and aren’t required). Feel free to pick whichever prompt you like best, or combine them, or do something for both! Contact us or check our Prompts page if you have any questions regarding the prompts or would like further explanation.

DAY ONE (Feb 20):
• First times/Confessions
(pining, first time dating/kissing/cuddling, love declarations)

DAY TWO (Feb 21):
• Social Media
(Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, selfies, online relationships) OR
• Celebrations
(medals, holidays, birthdays)

DAY THREE (Feb 22):
• Childhood/Memories 
• Future/Coming-of-age
(both to do with family, friends, ‘agape,’ dreams, goals)

DAY FOUR (Feb 23):
• Domestic/Intimacy 
(pets, cuddling, cooking, living together) OR
• Long Distance (long-distance relationships, reunions, traveling, visits)

DAY FIVE (Feb 24):
• Fears
(misunderstandings, jealousy, fights, temptation) OR
• Encouragement (support, ‘davai’/thumbs-up, promises)

DAY SIX (Feb 25):
• Pair Skating
 (training/practicing together, competing, just-for-fun) OR
• Rivalry (competitions, team/national rivalries, enemies-to-friends/lovers)

DAY SEVEN (Feb 26):
• Fantasy
(fairytale, hero/fairy, soulmates, destiny, royalty)

• swapping
(uniforms, costumes, hairstyles)
• hair (long/short, undercuts, braids)
• ballet/dancing
• motorcycles can be included with any prompt but are not required!

Reblog this post to spread the word, and follow us at @otayuriweekfor updates! We look forward to receiving your submissions! The official tags are #otayuri week and #otayuri week 2017 (within the first 5 tags).

Sincerely, @howlingmoonrise​, @nikyforov​, @otayuri-queen​, and @otayurism


~Favorite Games Played in 2016~



All fanworks may be in the form of art, fiction, graphics, meta, cosplay, and more. Sky is the limit! Anyone who likes AkaKuro is encouraged to participate and showcase their creative talents!

Various prompts have been selected for – but are not limited to – the following dates:

DAY 1 (April 11*) - High School AkaKuro Day
Decadence | Home | Normalcy
Bonus: “Welcome back.”

DAY 2 (April 12)
Resurface | Soundproof | Leisure
Bonus: “Breathe easy now.”

DAY 3 (April 13)
Irony | Rebellion | Acceptance
Bonus: “It’s your win.”

DAY 4 (April 14)
Mediation | Probability | Judgment
Bonus: “At one point, I thought he was god.”

DAY 5 (April 15*) - Teiko AkaKuro Day
Transience | Exchange | Mirage
Bonus: “You didn’t forget, did you?”

DAY 6 (April 16)
Temptation | Wayward | Noise
Bonus: “Here we go again.”

DAY 7 (April 17)
Alternate Universe (FREE DAY)

While it is not mandatory to follow the above, there will be a special surprise for the participant who utilizes and interprets the prompts in the most creative way. Those who complete all seven days will also receive a special shout-out!

All posts tagged with #AkaKuroWeek2017 will be reblogged within the period of the event. If preferred, you may also submit your work to us at any time.


For more information, you may refer to the rules or contact us for inquiries.

This year, it will be 20 years since the series premier of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! So as a way to celebrate our beloved cult classic, @solaleo, @xsmallpidge, @willozsummers, @rahnesinclair, and @hotchickswithsuperpowers have teamed up to host a Buffy Birthweek. This will take place from March 4th-10th (which is the actual anniversary), and anyone can participate! We would like to encourage people to post gif sets, aesthetics, fan art, graphics, fandom discussions, metas, fanfics, or anything your heart desires. 

Each day will also have a prompt:

Day One:  7 seasons 
Day Two:  6 Characters 
Day Three:  5 Episodes 
Day Four:  4 Quotes
Day Five:  3 Themes
Day Six:  2 Ships
Day Seven:  1 Buffy

We will be tracking 20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek and will be reblogging everything tagged for it. If you have any questions, feel free to send them here. We can’t wait to see the awesome things you guys create!

Monthly Self Rec

Hello friends! I’ve been playing with an idea for a little while now, and after chatting with @chocolatequeennk and @skyler10fic, I think it might be a fun one.

This idea is that of monthly self recs, where every content creator out there (authors, artists, gif makers, graphics creators, etc.) puts together a monthly list of everything they’ve created during that particular month. Use this to celebrate everything you’ve created and be proud of yourself!

Let’s try to make this an Ongoing Thing, shall we? I want everyone to be proud of what they’ve accomplished over the course of a month. Don’t be scared, don’t be shy. Make those self rec posts, and tag them with #monthly self rec so we can all see them and celebrate with you!

art by miss-intention, used & edited w/ permission

We will be hosting the first Shin Soukoku (Atsushi/Akutagawa) Week on February 27-March 5, 2017!


Day 1: moonlight / fairy tale
Day 2: aqua blue / highschool
Day 3: birthdays / coffee shop
Day 4: mandarin orange / harry potter
Day 5: feline / hunger games
Day 6: the town where the wind blows / crossover
Day 7: free day


Submissions must have Atsushi and Akutagawa’s relationship, romantic or otherwise, as the main focus.

All forms of art/media are accepted. This includes but is not limited to: Fanart, fanfic, graphics, metas, cosplay, AMVs, etc. Any reposted or edited work that is not yours (sourced or unsourced) will not be considered.

While we accept suggestive and NSFW entries, we would only post them if the work has been tagged appropriately and is under a READ MORE.

Please include what day and theme(s) your work is about within the post.

All submissions must be tagged with #shinsoukokuweek. Make sure it is within the first 5 tags so it would be easier for us to find.

Don’t be shy to shoot an ask for any questions and concerns you may have. In the meantime, please help us spread the word by liking and/or reblogging this post.

We can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with!

Hello Delena fans!

The show is almost over! In few days we will see our great couple together again! This is fantastic time to be together as fandom and say a great goodbye to couple that influenced our life a lot. At least they did to me!

You can make gif sets, graphics, write meta or fic and make a video! Whatever you want!

Tag for event: #DEFAW

The themes:

  • Day 1 (March 4) - Favorite season
  • Day 2 (March 5) - Favorite episode
  • Day 3 (March 6) - Favorite scene 
  • Day 4 (March 7) - Favorite parallel
  • Day 5 (March 8) - Favorite happy moment
  • Day 6 (March 9) - Favorite heartbreaking moment
  • Day 7 (March 10) - Favorite romantic moment

Bonus day:

  • Day 8 (March 11) - Goodbye Delena!

Day after finale when our emotions will be highlighted, what can I say, we will see what will be posted that day :)

No matter if you left fandom and never watched last seasons I hope to see here some familiar old friends! and new ones of course!  Have fun! :D

★ ★ ★ Welcome to Billie Piper Appreciation Week, March Edition! ★ ★ ★

What is it?

Put simply, there isn’t enough love for this beautiful, wonderful lady. So let’s have an entire week dedicated to her!

Okay, when is it?

March 13-19, 2017!

How do I participate?

There are lots of ways to participate! Each day is going to have a theme (they’ll be posted below), and you can make graphics, art, write fanfiction, meta, headcanons, etc. dedicated to the theme of the day! The sky’s the limit!

And make sure you tag it bp appreciation so it can be easily located!


★ Day One (March 13): Favorite Role
Day Two (March 14): Favorite Scene
Day Three (March 15): Saddest Moment
Day Four (March 16): Best Outfit (either on-screen or in life. Or both!)
Day Five (March 17): Best on-screen romantic partner
Day Six (March 18): Favorite Photoshoot
Day Seven (March 19): Free For All! Do whatever you want!

Hello! Welcome to IchiRukiDaily, a fansite that is all about IchiRuki. This is a new blog so we are in search of new members to help us keep the blog active. We want someone who makes their own content (graphics/art/fics/meta) and is able to take a time out of their day to update the blog. Bonus: if you can understand Japanese and are able to keep up to date with recent news. If you think you fit that requirement, please fill out the application. 

We are also searching for affiliates, so if you are interested, please fill out the application here.

Please reblog this post to spread the word and hope you all have a nice day!

Sabrina’s Icon Tutorial

So you wanna learn how to make simple icons, and make them fast? This is the post FOR YOU. I constantly brag about my 1,500 icons for each of my muses, all simply edited and edited fast with minimal effort on my end.
(Note, this tutorial ISN’T how I edit my icons, but how I make editing them easier on myself.)

For this tutorial, you will need:
Photoshop! I use CS6 and while these features might be in earlier versions, I suggest getting CS6 to make things easier on yourself!
Icons to edit! Make sure you’re allowed to edit your icons if you download them from someone else’s icon set. 

If you are cropping your icons yourself, try to save the image with the artist’s URL- that way, you can credit the artist if someone asks for it, and you can delete the icon if the artist comes and asks you not to use their art.
If you didn’t crop your icons yourself, don’t worry about it, but please remember to be respectful if an artist approaches you and asks you to stop using a certain icon that uses their art! If they say to stop, stop using the icon and delete it like they asked you to.

That said, let’s get right into this! If a part has confused you, please don’t be afraid to head to my inbox and ask me for clarification!
Also note that this is MY METHOD of making icons- there is no Right or Wrong way to make icons. This is simply how I do them, and how I edit 1,500+ icons in a matter of 10 minutes.

Image-Heavy tutorial below the cut!

Keep reading

Hey friends!

To utter dismay of some of us and endless happiness of others (the two of us being a good example of both), TVD is almost over. For eight seasons, we have followed our favorite character go through pain, happiness, more pain and even actual death. 

If TVD and Damon have been or even used to be a big part of your life, just the way it is with us, you can (and should!) take part in our big final event dedicated to the end of the show - Damon Salvatore Entire Show appreciation week. 

If you have been with us for a long enough time, you know how this works. The event lasts [a bit more than] a week. You can make gif sets, graphics, write meta, basically do any original work that corresponds to the theme. 

Please, tag your contributions with #dsaw show. It should be one of the first tags so we can find it at and reblog it.

Now, the themes!

  • Day 1 (March 4) - Favorite season
  • Day 2 (March 5) - Favorite episode
  • Day 3 (March 6) - Favorite scene (hard, we know!)
  • Day 4 (March 7) - Favorite romantic ship
  • Day 5 (March 8) - Favorite brotp
  • Day 6 (March 9) - Favorite heartbreaking moment
  • Day 7 (March 10) - Favorite happy moment
  • Day 8 (March 11) - Goodbye Damon (free theme)

Note: since we know not everyone watches TVD after season 6, we’re going to tag posts with spoilers about s7 and s8 with #s7 and #s8. We’ll also tag the romantic ships so you’re safe. :)

We hope you guys will take part and have fun with us!

Uncharted in Color is an Uncharted sideblog dedicated to its people of color, including but not limited to characters, developers, actors, depictions of non-visual characters as people of color, and cosplayers.

We’re looking for members! Particularly people who can:

  • Post any news around characters, developers, or actors of color,
  • Make at least three posts of original content (gifs, edits, meta, etc) a week, and/or
  • Find suitable posts (eg. non-whitewashed graphics, character meta, cosplayers of color, etc) for reblogging

Members are also asked to post/reblog a variety of characters: As excited as we are for The Lost Legacy, Chloe and Nadine are not the only characters of color in Uncharted.

To apply, please send your name and why you want to join, in either:

  • An ask with your availability (time zone and/or time you’d like to spend on tag browsing), if you want to post news or reblog posts
  • A submission with a link to your content type (eg. your gif, edit, or meta tag), if you want to post original content (examples do not need to be Uncharted)

Submissions of articles or your own posts are always welcome from non-members too, and we track #unchartedincolor.

#EBNWeek Calendar

Ok, so you’ve voted, an here’s how Even’s week will go

Sunday, February 5: Even’s unsubtlety appreciation day

Monday, February 6: Even’s dick references appreciation day

Tuesday, February 7: Even’s hair appreciation day

Wednesday, February 8: Even’s pure moments appreciation day

Thursday, February 9: Even’s softness appreciation day

Friday, February 10: Even’s smile/laugh  appreciation day

Saturday, February 11: @evenbechnet members’ appreciation day


Sunday, February 12: Even’s birthday appreciation day!

During all of those days we’ll be tracking the tag #EBNWeek and reblogging all your posts appreciating Even.

If you want to join you can by making gifs, head cannons, memes, edits, graphics, fics, metas, etc, etc. More info here!

Make sure you like/reblog this post so we know you’ll be joining! And don’t forget to write down the dates ;)

Prepare your posts and your heart, and buckle up. A full week with too many Even feels is coming!

Announcing: Mikasa Week 2017 + New Mikasa Blog!

First announcement is that this is a new blog dedicated completely to Mikasa Ackerman. Please feel free to follow if you feel the need to have more Mikasa on your dashboard. This blog will be run primarily on a queue with 1 post per hour. Expect everything ranging from fanart and graphics to fanfic and meta.

More importantly, Mikasa’s birthday is coming up on February 10th and she totally deserves to have a week to celebrate it! Especially during this hard time for Mikasa fans who are caught up on the manga. So let’s cut straight to the chase! 

Mikasa Week 2017 will run from Feb. 10 - Feb. 16 with an optional Bonus Day. The prompts will be the following:

Day 1: Family
Day 2: Childhood
Day 3: Strength
Day 4: Scarf
Day 5: Growth
Day 6: Fate
Day 7: Love
Bonus Day: Pick your own theme!

All posts must be tagged as #mikasaweek within the first five tags of your post. Failure to do this may result in your post not being seen and thus, not reblogged!

Please check the blog for the rules and feel free to send an ask if you have any further questions!

You can look forward to more events in the future as well!

I love how our first look at Yuri makes it seem like he has that regular Spectacle-Wearing personality. The slow lift of the head that turns his glasses opaque, the downturned mouth - all he needed to do was speak in a low, calm voice, maybe readjust those glasses cause Anime, and we’d have thought that was his personality in a nutshell. 

But nope! Here comes chibi Yuri to the rescue dispell that stereotype before you can say the duality of man. Incredible.