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As this lovely anon requested, here is my take on the churros quote from SDCC this weekend! There is a colored version with a watercolor look and a plain white version. Both versions are available on my Redbubble account.

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Quantic Dream’s Kara

This is stunning, you can see the fear in her eyes, the tiny nuances, the movement/twitches in her hands/fingers, it make her so human.

I got chills when she said “I’m Scared!”


It baffles me that this is their 1st attempt at this version, and it was made 3years ago.
They’re already on the 3rd version of this software.
And they did it in a ps3.

Here’s a little project I’ve been working on this week. It should be pretty self explanatory… you can move polygons with your mouse and bounce bullets off the surface of them! Took me a couple days to learn Vector math but I got raycasting and vector reflections nailed down. I might make a shooter game similar to Wii Tanks using the concept of bullets that bounce.

Programmed in JavaScript using no libaries… self made graphics engine :)

I will be posting some previews on a platformer I have been working on since last year. Follow the blog to stay updated!

So here’s the sitch folks! I’m starting a Fitzsimmons drabble series inspired by the chemistry textbook I’m reading for fun this summer (don’t worry, my mom – a biology teacher – already told me I’m crazy). @omgfitzsimmons made this DOPE AF graphic for the collection – how freaking amazing is that???

A couple disclosures: I studied a social science, not a hard science. I’ll still be doing regular asks/prompts/drabbles and fic updates, just peppering these in!! Hope ya enjoy! This first one is the least FS-centric.

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT (The Science of Us): Chapter I

At first, Fitz entirely misunderstands Jemma’s excitement when they meet Trip. She has to explain several times – for Trip’s sake, as Fitz has learned to comprehend her bubbly babble on the first go – that he shares a first name with Antoine Lavoisier, sometimes called the father of modern chemistry and one of Jemma’s personal heroes.

“He’s a complicated figure, as he was an aristocrat and collected taxes which made him unpopular during the French Revolution and he married his wife when he was 28 and she was 13, and some would contend that a great deal of his advancements were only made possible through the previous work of other, more significant scientists, but really, considering that he improved our understanding of combustion and the theory of the conservation of mass and that he named oxygen and hydrogen – It’s quite an important name to carry, Agent Triplett.”

Trip laughs, not following most of what she’s saying, and makes some flirty, nonsensical joke about “gettin’ some chemistry brewin’ between us, girl” before he strolls away.

Some weeks later, they learn of Trip’s grandfather, a Howling Commando, and Jemma gushes that, again like Lavoisier, that makes him practically royalty. Fitz grumbles that a grandda who was part of a group of stupidly heroic strongarms is a bit different than coming from a long line of wealthy, influential families. Jemma tells him to hush and says she prefers Trip’s type of prestige anyway.

Jemma doesn’t think of the connection again until she’s watching shards of Trip being wheeled past her in Puerto Rico and she’s trying not to vomit inside her hazmat suit. She’d forgotten, in her initial enthusiasm, how Lavoisier’s story ended, with the aristocrat guillotined in Revolutionary France at the height of his career.

Two bright lives snuffed too soon by violent, earth-changing forces beyond their control.


Tom Clancy’s The Division - Snowdrop Trailer 

If your eyes didn’t get a chance to bleed during the newest trailer for The Division, here it is in all of its beauty.


A Retrospective Recap

While most of the game’s engine has already been built, we still have to construct the actual levels and various little design elements themselves.  For some small developers, this part is the difficult step – actually getting the game feeling like a real game.  However, since I’ve gone through the strenuous task of writing a long game design document which details every aspect of gameplay, implementation will be relatively straightforward.  The task is now to ensure that all of these aspects are created before the submission date.

It’s a bit strange when I think about this fact: the original Grand Theft Auto had a GDD that was a paltry 12 pages long, yet the game is probably more complex than Project Procyon SoL: Sanctum of Liberation (or at most, about the same).  I’m starting to think I may be a tad too verbose; brevity is apparently not my forte.

The following screenshot illustrates the engine we created in all its glory, using several of its assets: one of the game models, a star, a planet, a starfield, and a nebula:

External image

The above screenshot would demonstrate how a typical cinematic cutscene would make use of the engine.  While there’s only a handful of scene types needed for the game, it can easily be expanded in the future to support virtually anything, or even used for a completely different game.  In fact, because there’s no good 3D engines in XNA, we’ve considered even selling it.  But that’s far beyond our current goals and for another day.

The great thing about the engine is that we can manipulate it however we want, as everything but the ship models are procedurally generated.  Typically, however, the generated content will be saved as a data file rather than procedurally generated on runtime, as the Xbox360’s CPU is too weak to handle that level of load.

deedeenyan  asked:

What do you think of tf2 running on Source 2 engine?

I’m not familiar with Source 2′s advantages or how the TF2 engine’s physics or hitbox things work, so I’m wondering what shit would change or stay the same (e.g. airstrafing, rampsliding, crouchjumping, trickstabbing ESPECIALLY TRICKSTABBING, melee reg, c-tapping, hammer unit speeds, etc). I would LOVE for TF2 to be updated beyond my concerns - IF Source 2 is the upgrade Valve sells it as. Optimization + smoother engine + better graphics would be fantastic, as well as a 4th cosmetic slot for medals/badges.

Thing is, a game like CS:GO, which is still on Source 1, still has constant optimization updates - albeit it is a different & slightly newer game. A while back, CS:GO updated to rounder hitboxes - with a little bit of tweaks they eventually figured it out. TF2 still has issues with how a Spy can stab your shoulder and that registers as a backstab. We could update medals to go on the Action Slot rather than the 3rd cosmetic slot. I have a feeling a lot of TF2′s code is messier than we can even begin to imagine - which would make it hard to clean up without breaking something else. 

Also honestly this won’t happen but I REALLY want Source Filmmaker 1 updated for TF2 optimization more than anything, not even for Source 2 - just for TF2′s current engine. When you try to import a demo e.g. if you wanted to cinematic the TI5 Slam Dunk to DOTA SFM2, shit crashes to fuck because it can’t handle particles, matches are too long, and some animations don’t import properly*. If SFM’s engine is updated to TF2′s current engine, importing demos rather than puppeting gameplay (which is tedious af) would be fantastic.

*We tried this for Tip of the Hats’ DOTA Fortress intro. This is exactly what happened. We couldn’t even scrub the playhead to the Slam Dunk because SFM2 kept crashing, so we just grabbed a random play. Mind you, this was done on a 16-GB machine that has streamed full 12-hour eSports productions in the past.

When you think about it, the Snake Eater pachislot thing is so fucking insulting. Konami’s just taking the graphics engine Kojima made and one of his greatest works and turning them into something awful. They’re just shitting all over him now that he’s gone. And you know this NEVER would have happened if he hadn’t left.

Man, fuck Konami and fuck that fucking pachinko bullshit.

The announcement of yet another Pachinko machine was met with some resigned derision since they seem to be exclusively making the things now… until it was announced that the IP being lashed to the oars for this one was Metal Gear. The vitriol exploded even further when it was announced that the specific game they were throwing under the bus was fan-favorite Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, with the famous conversation between The Boss and Naked Snake lovingly rendered using FOX Engine level graphics to hawk a pachinko machine. The collective amount of salt from this move would put the Dead Sea to shame, and has mixed with the Kojima departure and Metal Gear Solid Vcontroversies to produce a stigma that a lot would consider unforgivable. The pachinko’s trailer went on to become the 3rd most disliked video amongst all youtube videos, with even the Japanese fans calling Konami out for this.

when youre trying to be formal on tv tropes but your bitterness is too overwhelming