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“You see, some people can absorb electricity, and some people can burst into rose petals. And some people are just born unlucky. My Semblance isn’t like most. It’s not exactly something I ‘do’. It’s always there… whether I like it or not. I bring misfortune. I guess you could call me a bad luck charm. Comes in real handy when I’m fighting an enemy, but it makes it a little hard on friends… and family.”


“She’s been at the centre of two political scandals in the last year, and recently ended the marriage of a prominent novelist by having an affair with both participants separately.” 

“You know I don’t concern myself with trivia. Who is she?” 

“Irene Adler, professionally known as The Woman.”


kagehina wallpapers part 2 (640 x 1136 px)! ☆ | part 1 

do not reupload or claim as your own but feel free to use them! (`・ω・´)” 

Who’s That Shadow Holding Me Hostage by Romancemesomeziam

Word count: 42,625

Summary: He remembered spending hours at that same table, drawing until his fingers went numb, warm lips sometimes pressed to his neck as hazelnut kisses were exchanged. Zayn could still hear that mellow sultry voice whispering in his ear, how he worked too hard how he needed to take a break. He also remembered how those breaks often ended in the tiny bathroom meters away, clumsy make out sessions as large hands palmed his ass, grinding against him until he was breathless.

“Stop, “mumbled Zayn to himself as he stripped his soaked coat, hanging it on a vacant hook before taking a seat. Don’t do this yourself, he’s gone. He never came back.


(When Zayn is faced with the return of a man he loved but thought dead and now faces a battle worse than any war, a battle with Liam’s memory of him and their past.) 

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My 3rd Ashley Wood dump this week. I’m always engaged by his use of color blocking as separation in his imagery. The images work well as B&W pen and ink drawings but his use of muted colors works to pop the page and delineate characters that might also be lost do to similar treatment and line. The simplicity is engaging and something I chase in my own work.