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                   THANK YOU FOR 100+ FOLLOWERS!

&&. Wow, did you know that this blog got 1 YEAR OLD recently? And just after that, I got active in here and I hit 100 ppl! DANG SON! However, because it’s been so long I decided to make a CASUAL GIVEAWAY to THREE WINNERS

FIRST PLACE - One bg graphic. examples 1, 2, 3

SECOND PLACE - A promo and banner. examples

THIRD PLACE - A promo. examples

If you want to participate, reblog this until MARCH 30.


  • you must be follow me
  • likes don’t count
  • if you follow me and reblog this the same day, i won’t count you
  • be nice :)

Good luck, see ya laters! 



Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
                                                 For @ootsukis