Why everyone should enjoy Graphic Porn.

Recently at university, I’ve found the word porn being thrown around a lot. We had a seminar on Information Design and were presented with the idea of ‘Info Porn’. We couldn’t really come to an agreement on what exactly the term meant; did it mean something laid out in a really attractive way, an information overload, or something that just made you feel really orgasmic.

I have followed the blog 'Graphic Porn’ for many years now, and it is the one of the first graphics sites that got me really excited about the industry. I initially just laughed at the provocative name (something I borrowed a bit in my blog title) but felt I 'understood’, on some other level, what they were referring to. The work they posted up was (and is) just so damn juicy. It makes me clench my fists together and want to touch it. It is a strange reaction to have to usually something very simple and linear, but nonetheless is the reaction I have. 

This is a recent post that I got excited about. Essentially I think it is 3 or 4 pieces of card placed on top of each other, but it just looks so satisfying. It resembles the corner of a tennis court; but the green is very vivid, and the way the card peels up just makes a very enjoyable bit of work. The more I look into it, the less I understand. 

I have a big problem with aesthetics vs. function. I have separated the two in my work; I either make something not very aesthetically pleasing and functional, or a pure celebration of aesthetics. The balance is tricky as I always ask myself in my more serious work; do I really need that? If you are trying to hone in on your core concept, why do you need embellishment? The debate between form and function is not exactly a new one and is something that all designers strive for. However, with work like the one above, that has not been given a context or a purpose and has just landed in front of me, can we call this good design?

Of course this image has come from a campaign or project that has meaning and a context. However, when seen in the context of a tumblr feed, where it is usually judged purely on its aesthetic value, can I call it good graphic design? 

To be honest I’m not sure I have a resolved point here. I just thought it was about time I questioned the blog I perused everyday and that made me fall in love with graphic design.

And here we have a tree covered in paper, and again, I’m hooked.