McKnight Kauffer
Shell Posters 1938
Front cover of McKnight Kauffer’s catalogue for the exhibition of Posters commissioned by Jack Bedington for Shell. Dulwich Picture Gallery had a small exhibition of these Posters a few years ago, just wonderful & probably due a rehang somewhere.
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I just finished up a mock poster for Hamilton the Musical. So Hamilton has been my go to jam for the last few months so I wanted to do at least one cool piece. And by saying that there will be more on way. I’m not sure what else to say. But I am happy with it. Ahaha

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I created these in the aftermath of the horrible shootings in Orlando, Florida a few days ago. As an ally, and with many friends and family who are part of the LGBTQI community, I felt scared. I felt helpless. In the hours following the tragedy, people united with the idea that #loveislove, and it was beautiful. But I feel it needs to go further. Love is love, and it is worthy of being accepted, cherished and protected. It is/should be a right for all. 

So this might not be a huge thing, but I wanted to try and create something positive. So please, if they can be of any use at all: 


And most importantly, love each other.