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Divided We Fall

A CA:CW Solidarity Effort

With the trailer for Captain America: Civil War having torn the MCU fandom newly asunder, it looks like a network of non-partisan/both-partisan/partisan-but-friendly blogs is in order to find the folks who won’t stress you out with flaming, trolling, ship warring, and/or mudslinging. If you’re interested in being listed in the directory, just fill out the quick little questionnaire here, and I’ll send you the code for the not-so-swanky button as modeled by my sidebar (and if someone more graphically-inclined wants to make a cuter one, PLEASE feel free!).

The idea here is to find folks who are NOT interested in name-calling, bickering with/about other fans, “#fight me” and “#fuck you,” or any of that caustic nonsense. Please DO NOT sign up if you don’t think you can maintain this kind of environment. I will remove anyone who engages in this behavior from the directory without notice; I’m not here to tell you what to blog, just to gather folks who are already committed to being friendly.

NOTE: This effort does NOT mean that this blog is exclusively about CA:CW, nor that I’ll necessarily be blogging content from both Cap’s and IM’s franchises proportionately. I’m partial to the Cap franchise, and this blog will undoubtedly reflect that, but I’m making this effort as a promise that you will NOT find Tony hate here despite Steve’s being my fave. ♥