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Someone asked me to describe home,
And I started talking about your hair color
And the sound of your voice
And the taste of your lips
And how your skin feels like
Until I realized 
They had expected to hear a place.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays @museelo It was so nice to chat with you and get to know you better. It’s been a long a while for me since I participated in a secret santa/valentine etc thingie so I was a bit rusty but I hope you enjoyed our conversations as much as I did and it wasn’t a disappointment for you. 

And here is your christmas gift, hope you like it <3



Cósmica Y Sus Huevos is an editorial for La Monda magazine. This is Dani Aristizábal’s portrayal of the creation of the universe, which hatches from a primordial egg, in line with the viewpoint of some ancient cultures.

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Every color in the world is in your eyes
And everywhere you look you shine a light
I came back to life when I saw you

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«I might be a wrinkly old duffer, but it means I’ve been around a bit. And if I’ve learnt anything - there are only two things in life worth a hoot: love and good hot dinner. Time you gave them both some thought, don’t you think?» (Delicious 2013)