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Hey, ya’ll! New fic here. This is just a snippet of the first chapter, and Writer’s Block is almost complete. @akai-echo is responsible for this delicious graphic and I am most definitely responsible for the madness of starting another wip. 

Summary: Katniss Everdeen thought she’d be condemned to a sentence of slavery for her crime; a crime she didn’t commit. But now she faces something even worse, a fate a lucky few live to tell about. Being a gladiator is hard enough, but a female gladiator’s odds are not in her favor.

“Come with me, girl.”

Prim reacts before I do, screaming a series of no’s. She steps in front of me and the soldier’s eyes land harshly on her. It’s terrifying. The thought is clear in my mind that if I’d waited a few more seconds I wouldn’t have been able to keep her from this, and even though my stomach is turning over like a roasting pig I know I did the right thing.

The soldier reaches around Prim and grabs my upper arm, gripping it hard enough to leave a bruise. He pulls, and in my starved state I practically fall into him. But I push off and turn my face towards my sister as he walks to the door with me in tow. “You’ll have to forage now. Take care of them, Prim!”

She nods her head, tears reflecting what’s left of the light coming through the door. I catch a last glimpse of Mother and Thomas, his head buried in her breast, her arms wrapped tightly around his little body. She is crying silently. She knows it will be a miracle if we ever lay eyes on each other again.

Tears slip down my cheeks. I swipe them away with the back of my hand.

The soldier’s stride is too much for me. I trip every three steps.

He stops abruptly and turns to me. “If I let go will you run?” he asks. I answer with a single shake of my head. “If you run, I’ll go back for the real thief.”

My eyes widen in surprise as my stomach drops in fear for Prim. “R-real thief?”

“Your sister.”

“The right call” - Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge!

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Sam x Reader

Words count: 5 500

Warnings: smut, a lot of graphic, delicious smut, hair pulling kink, oral sex (both receiving), swearing, awkwardness

A/N: Awfully late as usually, but here is the third fic for @bradygabrielle-blog Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge. This time the prompt was “You’ve been a very bad boy.” This one is also for the great @andtheraincamefalling, because I know she wanted to know if Sam called. She also gave me the best hint to make this fic so smutty. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Technically a part 2 of “This is (not) the way to girl’s heart” but can definitely be read as a separate piece.

@kathaswings @iwantthedean @growleytria @d-s-winchester @ashleymalfoy @salvachester @ilostmyshoe-79 @but-deans-back-tho

Sam called.

It wasn’t like you didn’t expect it. After all, when he left your shop that evening with your number in his pocket at last, he’d promised he would call as soon as he was able. You didn’t have any reason to doubt he was a man of his word.

But, as hours passed, you started wondering. True, he had a hunt to finish first, that’s why he’d appeared in your herbal store in a first place, and you knew how those gigs were going. He wasn’t a first monsters fighter you’d met. That didn’t stop you from thinking that maybe he’d changed his mind, realized that you weren’t what he’d been looking for.

You tried not to give it too much thought, making yourself busy around the house. You did some cleaning, got rid of the laundry that was drying off for over a week now, waiting for your motivation. You also changed your sheets and took a long shower, spending some extra time on shaving your legs properly, you know, just in case.

Figuring out you wouldn’t hear from him till night hours, you threw on your fuzzy robe and grabbed yourself some leftovers from the fridge as a substitute of dinner. Plopping on the couch, you set your feet on the coffee table to relax.

You tried to focus on your show, but a little voice in the back of your head wouldn’t let you. It kept you excited about what was coming your way, telling you how lucky you were. It’d been a while since you dated and Sam seemed like a really nice guy. He was sweet and funny and intelligent and smokin’ hot. Just dreamy.

Almost too dreamy to be real. He implied his interest, but what if it was just it – an impression? Maybe he’d never intended to call you? Or maybe he’d be so beat up by the hunt he’d decide to sleep through it and call you tomorrow or the day after, and you’d be waiting like a dumbass. There were  various hunts, some went  good, some went bad. What if he’d never get a chance to contact you, ‘cause he… You didn’t want to finish that thought.

The battle in your head continued, two different sides of your consciousness offering you opposite scenarios, making you in turns: hot and bothered with excitement and need, then hot and bothered for a very different reason.

It was 11:30 p.m. when you finally heard the salutary ringing.

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The Hunter’s Baker

Summary: You decide to make dinner and dessert for The Winchesters, and your boyfriend Sam makes it even more fun.
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester
Word Count: 3430
Warnings: FLUFF, sexual situations (no smut), graphic depictions of delicious food, messy kitchen?
A/N: This was for @jayankles Bailey’s 1 Year Everything Challenge​! My prompt was “baking”. I love to cook and bake, and all of these recipes are classics. Congrats on being on here for a year, Bailey! I hope everyone enjoys and it doesn’t make you too hungry. :) Beta’d by the wonderful @queen-of-deans-booty, gif made by me!

Hunting with the Winchesters was always exciting. Facing demons, shapeshifters, and vampires on a daily basis was more than a job; it was a lifestyle. As with any career that begins to take over your life, the mundane tasks of cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping were never fun. Dean tends to enjoy doing laundry, much to yours and Sam’s bewilderment, while you always favored doing the cooking.

Sam and Dean found you after a witch broke into the restaurant you were a chef at to steal ingredients for a spell. You were working late to prepare for a private reception the following afternoon which had some exotic fish as the main dish and did not see the witch enter through the back door.

Thankfully the blow to the back of your head merely knocked you unconscious and didn’t do any permanent damage. Fortunately, the Winchesters found you in the kitchen after they scared the witch away… who knows what she would have done to you?

Once you came to in the Winchester’s motel room, they explained everything. They killed monsters for a living and the witch they scared off needed some ingredients you had stocked in your kitchen. Even though she left, they knew she would be back to continue looting the rest of the fish. You assisted the Winchesters in taking the witch down and in turn, they offered you a place in their family. You became best friends with Dean and began to date Sam.

Now here you were, putting the finishing touches on the shopping list for Sam before he does the grocery shopping. Sam always tried to get the healthiest things possible when he shopped, but with Dean living in the bunker, he could only get away with so many substitutions. Sam walked into the kitchen right as you finished putting the last ingredient on the list.

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Someone asked me to describe home,
And I started talking about your hair color
And the sound of your voice
And the taste of your lips
And how your skin feels like
Until I realized 
They had expected to hear a place.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays @museelo It was so nice to chat with you and get to know you better. It’s been a long a while for me since I participated in a secret santa/valentine etc thingie so I was a bit rusty but I hope you enjoyed our conversations as much as I did and it wasn’t a disappointment for you. 

And here is your christmas gift, hope you like it <3



Cósmica Y Sus Huevos is an editorial for La Monda magazine. This is Dani Aristizábal’s portrayal of the creation of the universe, which hatches from a primordial egg, in line with the viewpoint of some ancient cultures.

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«I might be a wrinkly old duffer, but it means I’ve been around a bit. And if I’ve learnt anything - there are only two things in life worth a hoot: love and good hot dinner. Time you gave them both some thought, don’t you think?» (Delicious 2013)

Every color in the world is in your eyes
And everywhere you look you shine a light
I came back to life when I saw you

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