graphic; hoya


get to know me meme: [1/3] favorite male subunits: infinite h

Q: What’s the difference between INFINITE and INFINITE H?
Hoya: First of all, schedules end much earlier. Also, we’re now splitting the work in half so our sense of responsability became stronger since Dongwoo hyung is the “lea” and I am the “der” (laughs).

Opening Reality Album + My Mom
  • Me: My album came! *opens in front of mother*
  • Mom: Let me see, they always have really nice packaging.
  • Mom: Which one is your favorite again?
  • Me: The youngest *points*
  • Mom: He has nice hair there. Yes, he's the baby that's right. He is very unique looking, good choice. Which one is Annie (purpleboyhowonee)'s favorite again?
  • Me: Hoya *points*
  • Mom: No no I need to see all of them at once.
  • Me: *is forced to open poster, points at Hoya again*
  • Mom: Oh yeah he's handsome, I mean they all are handsome of course. Which one is the oldest?
  • Me: *points to Sungkyu*
  • Mom: Oh yes. That was my guess. I really like his hair. *continues to stare*
  • Mom: You think I would like the CD even though I wouldn't be able to understand it?
  • Me: (◕‿◕✿)