LMFAO…Donghae gets the brick holding up the toys in the crane machine

BONUS: Siwon totally losing his shit about it…hahahaha

“I’m sorry. Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate what you’ve done.”

  • To the idols who’ve spent years as trainees before they were able to stand on stage and showcase the talents they’ve so diligently sculpted
  • To the idols who were forced to become adults much sooner and who’ve taken up more responsibilities than a person their age should have
  • To the idols who have been away from their families because of the rigorous schedules their career comes with
  • To the idols who have given up their childhood for their dreams and instead of hanging out and playing games with friends, they’ve chosen a different path towards their success
  • To the idols who’ve given up their privacy after coming into the music industry
  • To the idols who’ve sacrificed their friendships and relationships
  • To the idols who’ve become stressed and depressed after being under strict company rules concerning their image and the concepts they must follow
  • To the idols who’ve worked hard only to be compensated with low incomes
  • To the idols who’ve endured pain for the sake of their team and their fans
  • To the idols who’ve been victims of undeserved backlash and controversy due to issues being blown out of proportion
  • To the idols who’ve gotten hate just for being a part of the competition in which we call the music industry
  • To our foreign idols who’ve come to South Korea and had to learn a new language and culture
  • To the idols who’ve sacrificed their health and became ill/injured all because they’ve strived to show nothing but the best
  • To our leaders who, at times, carry the burdens on their own and faced many hardships in order to protect their teams
  • To the idols who’ve made many sacrifices

We all have our respective bias groups and we acknowledge how hardworking they are. We must remember that no matter if they’re rookies or sunbaes, they’ve all gone through similar experiences. I’ve compiled a list and I just want to say “I’m sorry. Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate what you’ve done” to everyone in which this list applies. Thank you. 정말 감사합니다 ♡