I was tagged by: ARIS <3 She always tags me in these things and it’s great and gives me things to do in between homeworks 

Tag 10 people you want to know better

Name: Ally(son)

Nickname: Ally 

Gender: Female

Sexuality: BisexualllllLLLllLLLLlLllLL

Favourite colour: pastel purple

Time and Date at current moment: 4:40, 3/3/15

Average hours of sleep: like 30 minutes I swear. No but really..6/7 hours

Lucky number: My favorite number is 16 

Last thing I googled: Netflix

First word that comes to mind: *in human sound that I always make but don’t know how to spell*

One place that makes me happy: My room 

How many blankets i sleep under: 5/6

Favourite fictional character: Charlie <3 <3 

Book: ??? k

Animation: My favorite animation or…?

TV show: ????

Favourite beverage: Water bruh

Favourite food: I really like rice..but also shrimp..and brownies 

Last movie i’ve seen in cinema: Unbroken 

Dream holiday: England with Maria <3

Dream wedding: Im 15 and v single, im not currently thinking of a dream wedding

Dream job: Writer or English teacher 

I tag: The only other friend I have on tumblr who would care to answer these: Maria