spnhp asked:

Hey I really like your themes and was wondering if you were interested in doing one for blog I plan to start on blogger :D

Thanks! I have tried to edit the themes on Blogger before, but the way we customise the templates there is very confusing comparing to that of the Tumblr themes. It’s really difficult to incorporate jQuery and hack the CSS on Blogger bc nearly all of the structures are already set up by Google. Coding themes on blogger feels like trying to code a theme from a very obscure base code.


I was tagged by: ARIS <3 She always tags me in these things and it’s great and gives me things to do in between homeworks 

Tag 10 people you want to know better

Name: Ally(son)

Nickname: Ally 

Gender: Female

Sexuality: BisexualllllLLLllLLLLlLllLL

Favourite colour: pastel purple

Time and Date at current moment: 4:40, 3/3/15

Average hours of sleep: like 30 minutes I swear. No but really..6/7 hours

Lucky number: My favorite number is 16 

Last thing I googled: Netflix

First word that comes to mind: *in human sound that I always make but don’t know how to spell*

One place that makes me happy: My room 

How many blankets i sleep under: 5/6

Favourite fictional character: Charlie <3 <3 

Book: ??? k

Animation: My favorite animation or…?

TV show: ????

Favourite beverage: Water bruh

Favourite food: I really like rice..but also shrimp..and brownies 

Last movie i’ve seen in cinema: Unbroken 

Dream holiday: England with Maria <3

Dream wedding: Im 15 and v single, im not currently thinking of a dream wedding

Dream job: Writer or English teacher 

I tag: The only other friend I have on tumblr who would care to answer these: Maria