I will be your lover.fighter.

adorable domestic!wincest where dean wakes up in the morning to sammy asleep in his arms, but sam looks so peaceful that dean doesn’t want to bother him. dean takes a moment to listen to sam’s slow breaths before pressing a kiss to his shoulder and getting out of bed to make breakfast.

when dean returns with a tray of chocolate-chip pancakes, fruit, and coffee, sam is sprawled out in dean’s spot, his nose buried in dean’s pillow and his arm dangling off the bed. dean sets the tray down and sits on the bed, waiting for sam to roll onto his back before kissing him awake. sam smiles into the kiss and when his eyes open, they’re sparkling with happiness.

dean reaches up to take sam’s hand, and their rings clink when their hands join. they’ve been together since sam was born, but today’s the first anniversary of the day they promised to spend the rest of eternity with each other. sam grins, his dimples carved deep into his cheeks, and pulls dean back into bed.

they don’t get to eat breakfast for another hour.