Queen Serenity and Luna…
Who could they be to each other?..
The Queen and Her maid? 
Friends, who can talk about everything?
Adoptive mother and the adopted daughter?

Queen Serenity - me, @sapphiremelles
Luna - @likanda
Photo by Eva and @poisongrimi


Order Doodles 

Thank you everyone for their orders ever since I’ve relaunched my online shop :). I’ve sold over 75% of my Sailor Moon Washi tape. For those who are interested, grab one before they’re gone!

Here are some doodles on packages sent out over the last month. I try to doodle something on every package, and pray that they all arrive safely :’D

(Lol…seeing them together, it looks like they were each drawn by a different person .-.)

I ordered about 10 wall scrolls recently but I wasn’t sure which image to use. I finally decided on this picture since ppl seem to really love it. I had to add in the rest of her body because the scrolls are long! I also changed her anatomy a little and added the flowy ribbon thing. Also her colors are different from my prints because I had to covert them into CYMK. Really happy with how it turned out! Overall idea for the longer version of this image was inspired by a wall scroll of #belldandy that I own! I showed off which one on twitter. :) #sailormoon #bishojosenshisailormoon #usagitsukino #art