El Hundimiento de Esperanza Aguirre.

Vídeo de la noche electoral en la sede del PP de Madrid.

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do you take prompts? if you do- prompt: a ficlet based off all that talk of a guy coming onto poison when he's drunk and poison trying to fight him off but being too out of it and kobra coming in and kicking the shit out of the guy (protective kobra and drunk poison pls)

Suggest a ficlet!

Party Poison’s face glowed green in the light of the OPEN sign, shining in the window of the gas station. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. Whenever he moved his head, the world spun dizzily as if he had run around in circles. A stuffy fogginess clouded his mind.

He glanced over at Kobra Kid, who stood several feet away with the town spiritualist. He laughed and nodded as she spoke. Anger boiled inside him: a sloppy, sinking fury, deepened by the alcohol he drank at the bar. He turned away and fixed coldly on the gas station door. Who had dragged him away from the bar as soon as he heard the recycler was in town? Poison gripped the toolbox in his hands, his mouth curling with bitterness.

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Car Radio
  • Car Radio
  • twenty one pilots
  • Vessel

“Cause somebody stole
My car radio
And now I just sit in silence
Sometimes quiet is violent
I find it hard to hide it.”