anonymous asked:

Describe who fuck the best to who could fuck the not so best?

i think the member who would fuck the best would depend on which type of fuck you’re looking for

for example, the best emotional fuck would probably be jimin, while the impactful fuck would be hoseok with his glorious hips 

this turned out muccchhh different than i planned but i regret nothing

seokjin / the cocky fuck: this man knows what he’s got and he’s going to make sure you know it too. have you seen the way he looks in photoshoots? his practiced movements would ruin you and he would be too proud of himself. 

yoongi / the breathless fuck: he would do just that; leave you breathless. his movements and his touch would render you speechless as they would envelop you and his deep grunts would chill you to the bone. 

hoseok / the impactful fuck: his hips are sturdy and true and he knows just how to control his body to bring your to your knees. his movements would be deep and laughter would definitely be involved with this sunshine boy. 

namjoon / the dominating fuck: unyielding is the first thing that comes to mind when i imagine him. that dark gaze would hold you hostage as he entered you ruthlessly. however, he would use his immense passion on you to make you feel every ounce of it.  

jimin / the emotional fuck: his heart is so beautiful and you would fill so much of it. in return, this would translate perfectly into the skillful way he would conquer you. sweet love making would be common as well as his whispers to you assuring you that you are the only one he thinks about intimately. 

taehyung / the heavy fuck: his deep voice and large hands would be all over you as he surrounded your being. your body would be pressed against his as his groans and moans pierce your nerves. 

jungkook / the versatile fuck: this boy would bring a new position or emotion to the bedroom every chance he got. it would almost be a competition to see how many different ways he could bring you to climax.