I haven’t drawn these losers in YEARS, but here they are, James, Chem, and Zak (left to right) Three teenage monster boys who are quite rude & annoying. If they were loitering around on your front lawn I’d recommend having your phone on hand just in case you gotta call the cops on these hooligans for reading your mail or setting your shrubs on fire.

Ancient golden Egyptian mummy discovered in battered coffin

An Ancient Egyptian mummy with an amazing, well-preserved gold and blue burial mask has been discovered after seven years of excavation work.

The mummy, which has been dated back to the Greco-Roman era (332 BC -395 AD), was found in a good condition and wrapped in linen. A traditional carttonage burial mask of blue and gold covers the head and is decorated with a scene depicting Khebr, pharaonic god of the sky.

The chest is painted with a scene showing Isis, one of the oldest goddesses of Ancient Egypt, while beneath the feet there is a drawing of a white sabot.

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery, made by an Egyptian-Russian archaeological mission working at the site of Deir al-Banat (Al-Banat Monastery), in the governorate region of Fayoum, on 14 November. Read more.

Corn mummy (wood, clay, sand, corn and linen). Ptolemaic Period, ca. 332-30 BC. Now in the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York.

During annual rituals honoring Osiris, the ancient Egyptians fashioned small “mummies” from a mixture of clay, sand, and grains of corn. These “mummies” were wrapped in layers of bandages and placed in coffins decorated with images of the falcon god Sokar. The Egyptians considered corn a living element of a natural cycle embodying the concept of resurrection and renewal. This concept was crucial to the worship of Osiris, who died and was resurrected as lord of the dead.

Happy Halloween 2017!

So this technically isn’t finished but I’m posting it anyway since I’m not likely to finish it tonight. Fran’s mother, Fern, decided she wanted to join in the Halloween festivities this year - and she chose to go the route of embarrassing Fran as much as possible.

(Obligatory “yummy mummy” joke here) :)