I made my best friend watch Kingsman and her comments about the movie read like shitposts

- about harry: “he is the alpha daddy”

- mocking merlin: “geT in ThAAa PlAnE”

- about Valentine: “discount morgan freeman with a lisp”

- she forgot Percival’s name and started calling him Periwinkle

- “Lancelot isn’t very cute and neither is Periwinkle.”

- about eggsy: “daddy in training”

- *starts screaming when harry gets shot* MCXCUSE ME BITCH YOU CANT JUST KILL DADDY

- “what kinda fuckin name is eggy?”

- about roxlin “they only ship them because of the ‘yes, merlin’ line”

- “he’s like 20 and he’s like 50…*whispers* i love it”

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what kind of drunk is Arthur Pendragon? asking for science

Well if it’s in the name of science…

As you can see in 4x03 The Wicked Day (when it’s Arthur’s birthday, and yes I know his actions after the feast are because of the sedative put in the apple, but the fact that Merlin did not notice a difference from drugged!Arthur and drunk!Arthur tells me that he acts the same).

1. Wants to be naked. He immediately walked into his room and stripped off his belt and trousers. Let’s be real, if Arthur doesn’t have to wear clothes, he won’t. He’s half naked for most of the series, and his shirts usually have a v neck down to his navel. The man likes to be free, all I’m sayin.

2. Talkative and relaxed. He tells Merlin how he feels (a great feat for Arthur “Repression” Pendragon) and he lets his emotions show freely. He praises people and gives his honest opinion (this can go either way.) Being drunk is one of the few times Arthur let’s his personal and emotional guard down.

3. Kind of an idiot. Like in 4x12, Arthur is a bit of a simpleton when drunk: making statements of grandeur about his fighting skills (“took down a bear at age 12”) donkey-laughing with amusement at bad jokes, and does stupid things because his very limited impulse-control is out the window (“Gwaine said I couldn’t climb the north tower and he’s WRONG”), leaving Merlin with even more work to keep Arthur “Death is Nigh” Pendragon alive.


aPierrefonds 4102010 255 by archaeologist_d
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Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010

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I've been wondering if Merlin from the BBC series is actually an INFP. He seems more Fi than Ni driven, and while he can be future-oriented, his values steer him more than his one vision of the future. Help?

I haven’t watched Merlin in ages, so I’m going off what I remember – and as an inferior Si, sometimes it’s less detail oriented than generalities.


But from what I remember, he was extremely open and sharing of his emotions, at all times, with anyone he felt was willing to listen – most often Gaius. This is much more common in healthy Fe users, who are able to easily articulate their feelings and often want to deal with emotional dynamics and situations as they happen. Fi users also come with Te, and I cannot remember a single instance where Merlin hauled out inferior Te to tell someone off in frank terms; he far more often expressed general annoyance / frustration / distaste, and enjoyed taking pokes at Arthur in Fe-ways (little digs, insults, etc), especially when in disguise as his older self.

He seems extremely skilled in creating an emotional bond with others – and is quite charismatic, and able to make people like him quickly, which is also a skill of Fe. A Fi would find it harder to read people’s emotions (Fi kind of “guesses” and is not always sure how others feel about the person USING Fi, since Fi is not engaged in the emotional atmosphere, but detached from it). I agree that he has strong moral opinions and values – but Fe users can and do; it’s how they express those views that defines them as Fe’s.

I think an INFP would frankly get sick of Arthur way sooner, because they do not have a specific vision of the future they are working toward; Merlin sacrifices his entire life / everything he wants, for the “greater good of Camelot” (an empire) which seems to be a symbolic, abstract concept in his mind, more than attentiveness toward the immediate possibilities in the external world.

But… as a Ne-dom, I could be wrong. I could be remembering wrong. Or I’m not, and I’m remembering right. ;) I’d have to watch episodes again to decide.

- ENFP Mod

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Quick question, do you have any Vampire!Arthur or smth alike that you haven't posted on this blog yet? or something that's just some really fucked up universe but also not too long ahhh, I'm desperate for more fantasy AUs u¬u

Here’s some Vampire!Arthur fics, hope one of them is what you wanted.

Dead Men Tell No Tales by a8csock (ladysockalot)

Word Count: 20,285 / Rating: Mature

Summary: As a necromancer Merlin had a duty to the dead, as much as he avoided it. However, Merlin wasn’t sure if he was lucky or not to have met a vampire in a cemetery, especially when he was investigating murders perpetrated by a vampire.

Hespera’s Cradle by Angelike

Word Count: 2,563 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: Merlin’s immortality proves to be both a blessing and a curse as he watches the cycle of reincarnation pass him by. Being repeatedly reunited with Arthur only to lose him again takes its toll. But this—this is not a solution he ever would have wished for.

A Cell, Newgate by AHaresBreath

Word Count: 1,383 / Rating: Mature

Summary: In which Lord Arthur pays a visit to a condemned man.

Dead of Knight by jsea

Word Count: 43,212 / Rating: Explicit

Summary: Merlin Emrys, supernatural expert and consultant for the local police, knows that going to the opening night of a vampire bar isn’t a good idea, not with anti-vampire sentiments running rampant. So when he draws the eye of the bar’s charismatic owner, and the new Master of the City, Arthur Pendragon, he’s not exactly pleased.

When a series of murders, seemingly the work of vampires, forces them to work together anyway, Merlin unwittingly finds himself falling in love. Suddenly, the lines between work and love are not as cut and dry as they seem.

Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 4

*thinking to myself* Oh god, how do I respond? How does one respond when your mother asks what you’re reading. I’m reading smut, mom.
*Out loud* Oh, just an online story.

“She seems too nice. This won’t end well…”

“I can’t even focus on the words, it’s 2 am, the screen is swimming. I need to go to bed.”

“Oh! I know the perfect song to go with this chapter!”

“Did you make a fucking Frozen reference? Followed by a Mean Girls reference? No.”

“That’s inaccurate.”

“What is punctuation? This person doesn’t know.”

“This is just words. Where are the paragraphs?”

“This isn’t proper grammar or spelling. Stop it. Get some help.”

“Wow, what a sick burn!” *Ironically dabs*

“In the words of Daniel James Howell: back thE FUCK UP.”

“Don’t these characters know that death is bad for someone’s health?”

“Oh my god! Clean and sharpen your knife! If you keep using it without proper care, it won’t kill people as easily!” *Whispers* “I’m sane, I promise.”

“I swear if he does what I think he will, I’m throwing my phone.”

“I’m talking to myself, shit.”