Shiro Shinobi: Issue number one is the first issue we’re going to talk about.

Shiro Shinobi: The story of the thing you’re about to watch is, soon, you’ll be seeing it.

Shiro Shinobi: There you have it, where it is the thing Bolin just did about this situation.

Shiro Shinobi: The statement that this reporter has is a question.

Shiro Shinobi: I’m Shiro Shinobi and I just realized I’m not holding my microphone.


[Dee, Dennis, and Mac want to pull a “Pretty Woman” on Frank’s prostitute girlfriend, Roxy, but after calling him “baby dick,” Dennis doesn’t think she can change]

Dee: People change! She can change. I’m gonna change.

Dennis: What? You’re gonna change? What the hell are you talking about?

Dee: I’m gearing up to get in to my second act, you know? And that’s very exciting for me, and I’d like to help Roxy do the same thing, that’s all.

Dennis: No, no, no, Dee– aw, really?

Dee: What?

Dennis: No, you’re already in your second act.

Dee: Me?

Dennis: Yeah. We’re all in our second acts. Don’t you see that? And I, for one– I don’t want things to change. I want them to stay the way they were because my first act was awesome. See, your first act was shit, and that’s why you’re so desperate for things to be different. But they rarely ever do get different. If anything, God, they get worse. I mean, look at Mac.

Mac: I got salsa on my shirt.

Dennis: He got salsa on his shirt.

- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Frank’s Pretty Woman”

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diocletianscabbagefarm  asked:

Random opinion time! What's your opinion on....LoK book 2 trailer?

Alright, so, LoK trailer ranking, worst to best…

#4.) Book 2

….I guess that in and of itself kind of indicates how I feel about the B2 trailer :/

It’s not the worst trailer in the history of all mankind. It just always seemed kind of… sloppy to me. Like there wasn’t much thought put into it. Some of the clips chosen are really random, and not even that great to look at. I guess I can appreciate the intent behind the slow music used throughout, but it kind of added an unnecessary air of Drama™ to everything, that didn’t fit with a lot of those random clips, and left no room for the edginess precedent that B1 set so well. I also would’ve liked the Avatar Wan stuff in the trailer to have a little more build up to it, a little more distinction, since that really was almost it’s own special thing within Book 2, and seeing shots of it mixed in with all the other stuff in the trailer made it confusing. Overall, I didn’t really get a good main vibe of what B2 would be like.

Plus, I know it isn’t really the trailer’s fault, but I… hate studio pierrot. I just………… I hate them.

Idk, I think any hype I got from the Book 2 trailer had more to do with the fact that we had waited so long for it to come out after Book 1, and didn’t actually get much from the trailer itself.

And honestly, the other trailers for the other 3 books are all so good, like….

#3.) Book 3

So idk if I’ve expressed this that much in the past, but I actually really loved Book 3 & I’m not that big a fan of B2. I think B3 was way more fun to watch. And the trailer reflects that, imo. It has a good energy and momentum to it. There’s SO MUCH amazing animation in Book 3, and the trailer definitely showcased that. The music is great and moves the trailer forward. The new places are given some nice establishing shots. They chose some really cool moments/shots to reveal the Red Lotus characters. I was honestly so. excited. to watch B3 after having seen this.

Plus, there’s that moment where the music gets drawn out and Mako has that slow-mo shot with ming-hau….. A+ content.

So, yeah, lots to like about the B3 trailer, but at the end of the day, it’s a pretty standard trailer, nothing too special, and cannot even begin to compare to…

#2.) Book 4

Listen, the book 4 trailer is….. nuts. Ironic, since imo it ended up being the worst season. But the way the B4 trailer sets up the potential for said season is insane (and shines a harsher light on just how much B4 didn’t end up delivering on). It’s honestly almost pure perfection. Opening with Tenzin’s voice of praise overlapping b&w shots of Korra’s traumatic scenes from B3 is phenomenal. His dialogue is the only dialogue used in the entire trailer. It’s the only dialogue used in ANY official book trailer. And that makes it even more effective. And then…. holy shit, what do we get? Out of nowhere, WHAT DO WE GET?????

“Three years later”

THREE. YEARS. LATER. Never in my entire life will I forget the moment of seeing those words in that trailer for the first time, fading in and out of black. And then to have the HAIR CUTTING SCENE immediately following that??? How can you possible accumulate more hype?! Listen, I almost died. I….almost….died. You could have plunged an actual knife into my heart, and I would have felt less than I did in that moment.

The footage that follows is appropriate and full of good moments; lots of bending and dramatic shots accompany Jeremy Zuckerman’s energetic score. That’s all well and good, but THEN after the music comes to a swell, we get a quick cut to black, followed by a little clip of airbender kids flying past, finally bringing us to the moment that DARK KORRA APPEARS AND DISAPPEARS. One singular moment in the whole trailer that delivers SO. MUCH.

The rest of the trailer is where the lacking element plays in. The clips are normal, but nothing too phenomenal. The music is dying out, we get the final shot of Korra in the spirit world rushing past all the foliage, which is cool enough, and it cuts to the title. I would have seriously given the B4 trailer the #1 spot if it didn’t have kind of a lackluster ending…

But srsly, R.I.P. @me after seeing that trailer for the first time.

#1.) Book 1

Perfect. Perfect perfect perfect. Perfect music (seriously, more than any of the other trailers, the music MAKES this one). Perfect opening shots. Perfect establishment of the world. Perfect reference to Aang - like, just perfect choice of shots showing that big looming statue of his. THAT is good storytelling. Perfect intro to Korra, to Republic City. PERFECT vibe. A vibe that 100% got delivered on throughout the actual season. 

Seriously, how much cooler could a show look???

That shot of the seemingly-empty probending arena where the spotlight bursts on, which immediately cuts to Korra’s face scrunching into a vivid look of raw determination…. that kind of juxtaposition is PERFECT editing, my friends. A quick fade to black, and the music is OFF and running, along with some AMAZING studio mir animation. And then to have the whole things topped off with that iconic shot of Korra riding Naga through the tundra, framed by that stark white backdrop, moving faster faster faster than that big damn Aang statue ever could, only to jump right to Amon, slowly turning around before it cuts to the main title, establishing him as the main antagonist with one shot and no words.

Book 1 knew what it was doing.

And honestly, the Book 4 trailer really is a close second. But this B1 trailer beats all. It never falters, the whole way through. I still watch it quite frequently, just to remember how unbelievable it felt to watch it for the first time. To see it and just know how much… just, how much fun I was about to have discovering this new show, to put it lightly. Everything in this trailer manifests itself into a perfect amount of showing without outright telling, without giving away too much. 

Look, Book 1 really is just my jam, from this trailer to final credits. Perfect. 


So, yeah, the Book 2 trailer doesn’t really measure up, imo :/