Hecate, the female aspect of Hermes, his Anima, the One who intervenes from afar, the Distant and Near…Key Holder and Keeper of Mysteries, during the night time She protects those who seek Her sanctuary while in the uncertain hours…Since the female aspect of the Soul, that is Anima, is Completion…any man should seek and make peace with his Anima so to achieve a heightened state of Being…Perfection is for the Gods, but Completion is a process Here and Now…

Maximilián Pirner. “Hecate”. (1901)

Skipping Desert Smut (Key)

Kibummie smut :3 this one had me all hot and bothered….

Enjoy guys ^_^

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You had no idea why Kibum ever asked you to help with dinner. It always resulted in you sitting at the kitchen table, staring at him, waiting impatiently for the dinner to be ready.

While tossing the food in the frying pan he glanced over at you. He smiled watching your dozy gaze as you stared at the fridge in deep thought. All your thoughts were on food at this present moment.

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