kissingscorpions  asked:

So one of the last times the box was open I sent in an ask saying something like how would so-and-so react to their GF smacking/grabbing their butt, I was wondering if I could request the same scenario but with the following characters; the rest of Kiridai (-Yamazaki), Midorima, Kasamtasu and Miyaji?

Hanamiya: Immediately grabbing your hand as it makes contact with his ass, he turns his head around and looks at you, unamused and unmoved. He then proceeds to turn you around and give you a spanking. Seems as though he isn’t in the mood to deal with your shenanigans today.

Hara: “That wasn’t very nice, ___-chan. Should I return the favour?” he says as he comes closer to you, his smirk a special kind of threatening. You can only shrink back and begin to run as he tails behind you, his eyes on your behind. Silent prayers looping in your head, you run, knowing you cannot escape your doom.

Furuhashi: He opens his mouth like a fish usually does when it looks like it wants to speak, but just like a fish, no noise leaves his mouth. “Why’d you do that?” he can only question, as he sees no possible benefit from it. Are you a sadist or something? If so, he thinks that his reaction probably didn’t satisfy.

Seto: Smirk galore. “What, did you expect me to moan?” he teases as he turns to lie on his back instead, slowly sitting up. Once he’s done that, he pulls you down on top of him, grabbing your ass roughly. “Want me to return the favor?” he says as you start squirming under his touch. Was this really worth it? 

Midorima: IMPROPER The shriek that leaves his mouth leaves you rolling on the floor in tears, trying to control your laughter so that at least some of his pride could make it out alive. You fail miserably though, doubling over and only letting out gasps of his name, trying to stop him from leaving. He only walks faster though, completely done with your shit.

Kasamatsu: UNACCEPTABLE “What the hell?!” as that yell leaves his mouth, he can only cover it afterwards, turning towards you in pursuit of the criminal who’s made him embarrass himself in front of the whole basketball team. He looks at you with murderous intent, face red. He ignores you for the rest of the day, not caring he looks childish himself.

Miyaji: //looks into the camera like in the office without turning around

A groan leaves this one’s mouth, already knowing who the culprit is. In the past he probably would’ve gotten embarrassed, but now he knows you well enough to have gotten over the shock of your childishness. He sighs, turning his body towards you, giving you a look that answers his fatigue well.