1. ❛ I’m very pleased you’ve come with me. ❜
  2. ❛ If there’s anyone I wish to stun at dinner, I’ll hit them in the face. ❜
  3. ❛ When a monster stops behaving like a monster, does it stop being a monster? Does it become something else? ❜
  4. ❛ How absurd it is that the weakest and most vulnerable of people - girls, women - go unarmed and are taught nothing of fighting, while the strong are trained to the highest reaches of their skill. ❜
  5. ❛ What are you grinning at? ❜
  6. ❛ Is the ceiling about to cave in on my head or something? You look like we’re both on the verge of an enormous joke. ❜
  7. ❛ Only you would consider the collapse of the ceiling a good joke. ❜
  8. ❛ I’m afraid to tell you what I wish for, for fear you’ll… oh, I don’t know, throw me into the fire. ❜
  9. ❛ You’re more dear to my heart than I ever knew anyone could be. ❜
  10. ❛ I’ll teach you how to defend yourself, how to maim a man. ❜
  11. ❛ Wonderful — It’s quite boring really, the way you beat me to death with your hands and feet. It’ll be refreshing to have you come at me with a knife. ❜
  12. ❛ Forgive me, I was only trying to get your attention. ❜
  13. ❛ I suppose it never occurs to you to start small. If I told you my roof needed rebuilding, you’d start by knocking down the house. ❜
  14. ❛ Almost as beautiful as you are conceited. ❜
  15. ❛ You saved my life. I’m going to name my firstborn child after you. ❜
  16. ❛ I’ve heard you can kill a man with the nail of your smallest finger. ❜
  17. ❛ Does it make it easier? To have beautiful eyes? Does it lighten the burden of your Grace, to know you have beautiful eyes? ❜
  18. ❛ It seems better to me for a child to have these skills and never use them, than not have them and one day need them. ❜
  19. ❛ I wouldn’t marry him to save my life. Not even to save yours. ❜
  20. ❛ I know you’re teasing me. And you should know I’m not easily humiliated. ❜
  21. ❛ I should have stuck to my lies. It was the truth that almost had me killed, after all. ❜
  22. ❛ When you’re a monster, you are thanked and praised for not behaving like a monster. ❜
  23. ❛ I would like to restrain from cruelty and receive no admiration for it. ❜
  24. ❛ Mercy is more frightening than murder, because it is harder. ❜
  25. ❛ Your brand of comfort bears some similarity to your tactical offence. ❜
  26. ❛ The only way for you to keep your mind straight is to run from those who would confuse you. ❜
  27. ❛ How long will you be? I’d like to show you a couple of my new discoveries. ❜
  28. ❛ I thought it was supposed to be impossible to sneak up on you. Eyes of a hawk and ears of a wolf and all. ❜
  29. ❛ I’ll protect you. You’ll be safe with me. ❜
  30. ❛ Let me explain what will happen the instant one of your men makes a move toward me. I’ll get out of the room alive, but most of the rest of you will be dead. ❜
  31. ❛ I didn’t know you were capable of such bad temper. ❜
  32. ❛ You’re afraid of your own anger. ❜
  33. ❛ What have you done to yourself? Your hair is positively blue. ❜
  34. ❛ There’s no shame in crawling when one can’t walk. ❜
  35. ❛ Don’t be ashamed. Your sadness is dear to me. ❜
  36. ❛ Don’t be frightened. I won’t die. I won’t die, and we’ll meet again. ❜
  37. ❛ The colour of sunrise? It’s the colour of blood. I am not going to wear a red dress. ❜
  38. ❛ Everyone has some kind of power to hurt people. ❜
  39. ❛ Please, at least talk to me. ❜
  40. ❛ And how I feel? Doesn’t it matter? ❜
  41. ❛ I can’t know your feelings if you don’t know them yourself. ❜
  42. ❛ I will have a life, even though I carry this burden. ❜
  43. ❛ If I’d been trying to kill him, he’d be dead. ❜
  44. ❛ I told you before, I won’t fight when you’re angry. I won’t solve a disagreement between us with blows. ❜
  45. ❛ We’re too dangerous to each other. ❜
Reasons I Love Katsa

(spoilers? probably spoilers) ((vague spoilers))

  • she is raised to believe that she’s some inhuman killing machine, but despite that, she still manages to be a good person
  • she starts a group to protect victims of her uncle’s violent rule and becomes as revered in some circles as she is feared in others
  • her protective instinct for children, especially young girls
  • she goes out of her way in fact not just to protect young girls, but also to teach girls how to defend themselves
  • has zero tolerance for the male gaze, harassment, and objectification whether it’s directed at her or not, and is not afraid to call out male friends for it
  • she doesn’t want to get married in a society that doesn’t value women equally and positions wives subservient to their husbands, and she stands by that even when she falls in love
  • on that train of thought, chooses to fall in love and begin a relationship while never compromising her values or lying to Po
  • she dislikes dresses and traditional femininity but doesn’t judge women who feel differently
  • despite her opposition to marriage, when she is proposed to by a man who doesn’t understand or respect her, she still attempts to let him down easy
  • she dedicates everything she has to protecting a child who needs it despite not having any prior connection to the girl
  • is strong enough to fight mind control that no one else has been able to resist in order to protect her friends
  • overcomes a lifetime of being told she’s nothing but a murderer and begins to see her grace in a positive light
  • the entire reason everyone (including herself) thinks she’s a heartless killer is because she was harassed by an adult man when she was a child, and she realizes that she had the power to do something about that fear but others don’t. her entire life’s mission is based on this intense empathy she has for powerless girls.
  • I just love her. i love her so much she is so wonderful

More Bitterblue shenanigan doodles

1. Haha doodling more scenes I love from the book. Giddon never really denied it tho > : ^ ) . Also saw a few post some time ago about Giddon potentially being bi himself and yasssssss. Bitterblue also wondered if he shared a bed with a woman or a man’s at her court too.

2. Giddon …you hot mess. I notice how much he distracts himself with work when something upsetting has happen to him. Gets rejected? Mopes a bit then devote yourself to the council. Upset at Po’s grace? Goes on a long council mission trip. Got disnobled and your estate burn down? no problem ! He’s a councilman , jumps back into work.

3. Been thinking alot of what Madlen  look like. She’s from Dell but is described as being quite pale. Maybe she’s Pikkian but lived in Dell? I need to re read for her description again.