Preference: The GOT Guys Find You’ve Been Unfaithful…Pt. 1

Jaime – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, Jaime would most certainly seek out the person you cheated on him with and challenge that person to a sword fight. He would most likely win, being one of the best fighters in Westeros – the world – before losing his hand, and after that he would curse you and be pissed…but depending on how deeply he cared for you, he would more than likely forgive you.

Ramsay – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, would have the man brought to Winterfell/the Dreadfort and flay him alive. He would make it as painful as he possible could, alternating from cutting off body parts to peeling skin. Eventually, he would kill the man with his founds, arrows, and a chase through the woods. To you, he would do some playing but he wouldn’t kill you. He would make you live and remember what it is he’s capable of.

Oberyn – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, Oberyn would be really, really angry. With the way Oberyn lives, for him to consider you unfaithful you would have to sleep with the worst person imaginable in Oberyn’s mind (someone like Tywin Lannister or the Mountain). In that case, he would most definitely kill your lover and if he didn’t kill you, he would forever hate you as much as he kills the murderers of his sister, niece, and nephew.

Joffrey – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, would have both you and the person you cheated on Joffrey with publically executed without a second thought. You cheating on him would be treason and there’s no way he would allow a slight done onto him go.

Robb – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, Robb would just be devastated. He would think he wasn’t good enough for you, never would he put the blame on you…you’re sweet and loving and you need more than he can give to you. He would be miserable, possibly for the rest of his life, but he wouldn’t hate you or the person you cheated on him with. He would give his best wishes to the two of you and pray to the old and new gods that you found happiness wherever life took you.

Theon – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, pre Reek Theon would just scoff and say something about how you don’t know what you’ve given up. He would mock you to anyone he could and never admit if he truly cared about you. Post Reek Theon would cry and break down. You were the only thing keeping him in the mind set of Theon Greyjoy, if you don’t think he’s good enough to love…why would anyone else?

Jorah – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, would continue to love you and forgive you almost instantly. You mean everything to him and whatever reason you had for being unfaithful, he would do his best to better your situation and make you happier with him. He would feel the sting on his pride, but deep down in his heart he wouldn’t care about his pride as long as he still had you.

Jon – Upon finding out that you had been unfaithful to him, Jon would obviously be angry and would want to beat the crap out of the person you cheated on him with (well, if it was a man), but like Robb he would blame himself thinking he wasn’t good enough. He would fight to be a better man, to try and give you another shot, but that mistrust would always be there in his heart. He would, more than likely, never be able to truly forgive you.

Have another alternate s6 GoT plot! (Previous alternate plots for the North and King’s Landing.) This time, the Riverlands. Meereen and surrounds will probably be next. 

1. Have Sansa send Brienne to the Riverlands in search of Arya.

2. Stop Jaime at a riverlord’s castle on the way to Riverrun to discuss the situation, and in the process Jaime can learn about Cersei’s walk of shame and her affair with Lancel.

3. Show Jaime getting very defensive and denial-y over his relationship with Cersei.

4. Retaking of Riverrun. Do not kill off the Blackfish - have Edmure aid in his escape, as he did in the books.

5. Have Brienne find Sandor Clegane in his peaceful religious community, and ask about Arya’s fate. Have Sandor give her good information.

6. Send Jaime chasing the Blackfish, which is 100% absolutely positively about capturing him before he can rally any further significant opposition, and not a tactic for Jaime to avoid going back to King’s Landing and confronting Cersei.

7. Have Brienne and Jaime run into each other. Brienne tells Jaime that she left Sansa as safe as could possibly be under the circumstances, and that she’s looking for Arya. Jaime’s welcome to come with. Jaime unburdens himself about Cersei, and declines the offer, because he swore an oath to protect the king.

8. Leave off with Brienne still looking for Arya. (Jaime’s leaving-off point is in the King’s Landing alt-plot.)