I feel sorry for the girls in AOA (even though I don’t sympathize with them that much) for how hard their company tries to make them be SNSD. They come out as such a cheap, try-hard copy, it’s disgusting. Heart Attack was similar to SNSD’s releases from concept and music video (Oh!) to lyrics (similar to IGAB), not to mention how they just RUINED Genie when they covered it. And their Mr. Mr. cover wasn’t much better either. I wish their company would just stop doing that, it’s pathetic.


#AOA 4th Mini Album [#GoodLuck] WEEK VER. CONCEPT PHOTO 1

05/02 Teaser Site Open

05/03 Week ver. Concept Photo 1

05/04 Week ver. Concept Photo 1

05/05 Weekend ver. Concept Photo 1

05/06 Weekend ver. Concept Photo 2

05/09 Week/Weekend ver. Cover Teaser

05/10 Lifeguard AOA’s Weekdays

05/11 Joyful Weekends with AOA

05/12 Safety Guideline for AOA Songs

05/13 Music Video Teaser

05/16 4th Mini Album Release | Showcase


05/1~3 Lifeguard on-scene training session

05/07 Choa-Mina night shift

05/08 Dining out together

05/09 God Jimin’s day off

05/11 Jim♡Seol night shift T_T

05/13 Yuna’s holiday

05/14 Mina’s break

05/15 Chwa’s break

05/15 Yuna&Hyejeong&Chanmi’s resources inspections

05/17 Chanmi’s night shift

05/18 Seolhyunie’s holiday

05/19~21 Waterside safety education

05/20 DongDong’s night shift!!!