I did it! I sat through to finished a picture from beginning to finish.

Here is my process of my long hair Dante concept. From Sketch to color.

Tools: Bamboo tablet, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Time: 5 hours.

Headcanon inspiration.: Dante, after fighting Argosax, is now trapped within hell. While in hell, he searches for the loved ones he has lost and due to his long stay, his hair grew out. (They don’t have hair salons in hell.)


First completed piece of the DR/DP Series.

“My arms often feel they are not attached to my body, as though they are not mine. It is as though I have phantom limbs that I can see. This is most disconcerting as one’s arms and hands are so crucial to so many daily activities. This sensation waxes and wanes and is exacerbated by various kinds of stress.”
-DreamChild: Living with Chronic Depersonalization

I would encourage anyone to read about living with depersonalization and derealization here: