Monsters in Thedas

Ever since I got on the Witcher train, I can’t stop imagining Thedas with the same variety of wildlife and exotic creatures. (and danger)

Imagine Ferelden trolls, distant relatives of the giants, guarding bridges and old ruins, while fiends and leshens roam the korkari wilds. 

Ekkimaras and foglets sleeping in the deepest caves near Orzammar, occasionally tainted by the darkspawn, haunting the nightmares of every dwarven child in the city.

Sirens dwelling in the deep recesses of the Waking sea, no more than legends to country folk. 

Harpies infesting coastal areas like gulls, more nuisance than threat if kept under control.

Royal griffins hunting in the higher peaks of the Frostback mountains, unbeknownst to all, the very last of their kind.

Cockatrices and basilisks dwelling in dark caves and abandoned chateaus in Orlais. They make for fine trophies, according to the nobility. 

Manticores from Tevinter, manhunters known for toying with their prey before going for the kill.

Godlings and Sylvans in Rivain, either helping or hindering weary travelers on the road.

Ghouls festering in Seheron like a flesh wound, feeding off the fallen. 

And of course, professional monster hunters from every race and background to take care of all of the above when needed.

I want to add more but that’s all I can think of right now. Keep in mind that I’m aware that this might conflict with DA canon. I JUST LOVE MONSTERS OKAY?? And Dragon Age.
Feel free to add your ideas if you have them! 

Oh, and fade unicorns. Because yes.

Thank to the tags by vehlr on my other post, I started thinking about it again and..

Imagine VM going to the Winter Palace. Cassandra is there of course for the Inquisitor, and because they have a mission, even though she’s bored and hates the place. VM might be there for a similar mission, or maybe Percy was invited being a leader of Whitestone and all, and nobility, and the rest of VM just came with.

But I can just imagine various members of VM walking around, most of them obviously out of place, but still enjoying themselves. Vex might be talking to some of the nobles there, about how she’s a Baroness and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt, or maybe she’s just keeping an eye out for valuables that could be useful to them (in a place like that, there’s bound to be lots of nice loot). Keyleth and Grog are saying hi to everyone (g’day…bidet…g’day…), Vax is off sneaking around like he normally does, keeping an eye on everything. Maybe Scanlan is chatting with Leliana, being a fellow bard and all, or maybe Pike is talking religion, of Andraste and Sarenrae and how both came into their lives and have helped them.

And Cassandra is just watching these strange people, people she’s never seen in these parts, let alone anywhere else in Thedas, and that’s when Percy approaches.

somebody brought up in some post about how weird it was for Steven to b so worked up over Kevin just bc he was a jerk but when Peridot and Lars were being jerks he didn’t get so wound up
there is the fact that Kevin blatantly ignores other ppl’s feelings bc he thinks it’s cool and whatever

I also think that mostly it’s that Steven can see that there is some good in Peridot and Lars but with people like Kevin (and Marty for that matter) Steven might not have seen any good there at all

i think my favorite thing about the dragon age fandom is how oc-centric it is

like i came to this from marvel fandom, where every oc is generally regarded as mary sue, it’s shameful to post a lot about your ocs, and if you have an entire fanfiction dedicated to them it’s like “wow honey self-insert much”

like there wasnt a lot of oc positivity in marvel (and i actually met and made a friend with someone on the basis that they weren’t like everyone else about ocs)

but then there’s the da fandom. everyone has ocs. they’re our babies. we make gif edits for them, we ship them with canon characters, we are so proud of them, we write fanfictions wholly revolving around them and their romances, and we all talk to each other about it! we send each other asks about our ocs, we might make art for each other, we support our friends and their fics!

it’s just really great to see a community that’s as oc-centric as i’ve always wanted