Bullshit That Could Be Fun

Let’s play a game!

- I will start a story with one sentence.
- Then you guys can submit some possible sentences that follow (take it in any direction that you’d like to), and I will pick out three options.
- We’ll vote on the favorite then move on to the next sentence.
- I’m setting the limit for 10-20 sentences (so this story will not be very long).

START: In the depths of Varrentocke Valley– a totally, 100% real place– resides a community of beings that can only be described as: maybe humans; within this community resides a young girl called Mara.

It’s not okay for your partner to use any part of your identity against you – whether it’s your race, gender, disability, or anything else. And that includes your sexuality.

For example, if you’re with someone who says your bisexuality is a reason they “can’t trust you,” that doesn’t mean there’s a problem with your bisexuality.

It means your partner has some biphobic beliefs to unlearn – and that’s on them, not you.

—  8 Relationship Reminders for Bisexual Women That You Don’t Get Nearly Enough | Maisha Z. Johnson for Everyday Feminism 

The Triple S Mart in Baton Rouge has become a shrine and a gathering place for activists. It’s where Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police officers just over a week ago.

Standing in front of a large mural of Sterling at the convenience store, his son, 15-year-old Cameron Sterling said he hoped his father’s death would help bring people in the city together.

“My father was a good man,” Cameron said. “That was a sacrifice to show everybody what was going on.”

A police affidavit says Sterling was reaching for his gun when he was shot by officers. Sterling’s supporters believe the videos of the shooting show otherwise.

The investigation is now in the hands of the federal government — not local prosecutors — and many in Baton Rouge believe that’s for the best.

In Baton Rouge, Simmering Mistrust Divides Police, Community

Photo: Greg Allen/NPR

Community is a show about people who, having failed at life, come together at a community college to learn a valuable lesson: the importance of family, and basic Spanish. But there’s a darkness to failure that even a thousand snarky pop culture references can’t heal. The Community theme actually covers this. It might sound upbeat and bouncy, like a kid who’s eaten a pixie stick, but it is in fact about resentment and fear, like a kid who’s vomiting after eating too many pixie sticks.

On the surface, “At Least It Was Here” by The 88 seems like a song about second chances and hope. It also offers a stern warning about standing still and not realizing your full potential. With lines like “We could be old and cold and dead on the scene,” the message is clear that, like sharks and indie pop songwriters, people should keep moving forward. Or kill themselves. It does talk a lot about ropes.

6 Famous Theme Songs You Never Realized Were Dark As Hell

And like not to be a bitch here but like the person yr gonna break any sense of solidarity on is Kate McKinnon??? Like, not even an important movement leader but a completely mediocre comedian is a hill yr willing to die on? Like that just goes to show how fucking little solidarity w trans women matters in any meaningful sense for so many cis women


Bath & Body Essentials

  • Type: Career & Misc.
  • Room Size: 8x8
  • Value:  §28,066  
  • CC-Free
  • Requires all packs for exact replica.

Bath & Body Essentials is a venue providing: Aroma Candles, Fragrant Lotions, Oils, Creams & Bath Salts. 100% Organic and all natural ingredients. #bsimth, #bathandbody, #nocc, #shop, #venue.


Some of you have shown an interest in this venue. As mentioned before, it’s actually part of a 50x50 lot (mall). However, I’ve uploaded it as a room for you to do as you please, except claim as your own. ♥ 

fyi: (I didn’t purchase this lot for retail while testing, so you will have to go in to set up shop and set items for sale.) 

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