So, I just finished S1 of Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions. If you have not seen it yet, I suggest you sit your butt down and watch it, because it is beyond adorable. There are so many feels to have in this anime! The atmosphere and characters are all written so well. My friend put it best when he said “It perfectly captures the pure, innocent, genuine love and affection you can feel for someone else”. Not to mention all the great comedy, and the pure concept of chuunibyou and how it is explored. There is quite a lot to take from this anime!

However, I am not posting this just to talk about the anime. No, I am here to talk about how much one thing resonated with me the most; the pinky thing. It was a reoccurring moment in the anime that was shared by Rikka and Yuta, and something I found very emotional.

See, as kids, we valued promises highly amongst those we care about. This was often sealed with a linking of the pinkies, symbolizing an unbreakable bond. At least, this is how it was for me. I saw pinky promises as much more than a simple secret exchange; they were a permanent connection to that person, forming a ‘contract’ of trust.

I talk about it in past tense, like it was a mindset I had long ago. This is not true, however. I value a pinky promise as much as I did when I was a kid. Call it a silly quirk of mine~ Ask any of my friends; I will value and honor a pinky promise above anything else. I have never broken one, and I never plan to.

There is another thing around pinkies that stemmed off from the promise; pinky holding. Pinky holding is essentially a pinky promise without the promise. This has even more emotional significance to me, and if I ever lock pinkies with you for no reason, know that this means that I love you and trust you completely. To me, it symbolizes that unbreakable bond, but on a much deeper level. Without a promise to give the linked pinkies a reason to be, it becomes a symbol of unfathomable trust, love and loyalty. They are connected not by words or secrets, but by the care and genuine affection they have for one another, and the pinkies are the visible representation of that bond.

That is why these little moments Rikka and Yuta had together meant all the more to me. There would be no worlds; just a touch or link of the fingers. That simple gesture spoke volumes about the beautiful connection these two had.

I just needed to get that out. Sorry if this does not make sense. I am super tired, so for all I know, this is all gibberish. I just wanted to get my thoughts out. Fantastic anime. It is the shit. I cannot wait to start S2! <3