“Thank you for the snack, Y/N. It’s just what I needed,” Cas said, sitting across from you bloodied and worn. You creased your brow in worry.

“Think maybe some medical attention might do the trick too, Cas?” you asked. He smiled gently at you, wincing some as he did, ready to wave your concern away. But he didn’t move when you leaned towards him with a wet washcloth and began to dab carefully at the blood around his glacier eyes.

“You’re very good at this,” he said softly after a moment, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s just a wet cloth,” you told him, but his eyes were focused on you, creasing at the corners with his smile as you continued your ministrations. What he couldn’t find the words to say, was that any time you were near, he could almost forget his hurt.

x x x

For All You Young Hockey Players Out There, Pay Attention (143567 words) by thursdaysfallenangel
Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury/Jo Harvelle, brief Dean Winchester/others
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Gabriel (Supernatural), Balthazar (Supernatural), Benny Lafitte, Chuck Shurley, Kevin Tran, Garth Fitzgerald IV, Jo Harvelle, Charlie Bradbury, Bobby Singer, Gordon Walker, Zachariah (Supernatural), Anna Milton, Victor Henriksen, Ellen Harvelle
Additional Tags: Homophobic Language, Internalized Homophobia, Explicit Sexual Content, John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, fighting (hockey), slight instances of the misogynistic world of male sports, Strong Language
Series: Part 1 of Pay Attention Universe

Dean Winchester knows two things about hockey, two things his dad made sure he knew. One, hockey is a guy’s sport, and two, hockey is family. Hockey meant Sam and Bobby and Benny and Victor and Gabriel and hell, his entire team. So when Victor gets traded, Russian-star-turned-new-teammate Castiel Krushnic becomes a threat. As much as Dean hates him for that, the longer he sticks around, the more he begins to threaten that first rule too. Dean’s been taught his whole life that those who play hockey should not be captivated by deep accented voices and the way a guy handles his stick, so how the hell is he supposed to justify what he’s starting to think about Cas? All Dean wanted at the beginning of the season was to win, and now all he wants to do is figure out how he feels about Cas and how to deal with it without ruining his career and tearing his family apart.

Movie Night (Castiel X-Reader)

Words: 854

Summary: You and Cas decide to watch The Breakfast Club, and he has some trouble understanding exactly what’s going on. (FLUFFFFF)

Author’s Note: Hi! Holy cow, this is my first request! I was so happy when I got this, and my ask box is now actually open! Sorry it wasn’t working before, I really hope you like this, and please recommend any changes I should make in the future. 

Warnings: None

Originally posted by constiellation

“Come on! The guys are out and I’ve been dying to watch this!” You exclaimed to Cas, a DVD disk in your hand.

Sam and Dean have been gone all day, on a vampire case that you didn’t want to tag along on. You told them you were just too tired, but the real reason was to spend time with Castiel. 

You two have been extra close lately, and you didn’t want to stop hanging with him any time soon. You met him not that long ago, Sam and Dean introduced him to you at the bunker one night. You instantly clicked, you thought he was cute, and he definitely knew what he was doing with all his Heaven duties. He was also very interesting, some of the stories he told were unbelievable. But one of the reasons you liked him the most was that he was always there for you.

“Alright, alright. What movie is it?” He asked.

You were in the bunker, where you had been all day. Doing research for the boys, mostly. But when you almost fell asleep on one of the hardcover books in front of you, you decided to call Cas, to dissolve your boredom.

The Breakfast Club.” You said, a smile plastered to your face.

“Why would you watch a movie of people eating breakfast?” 

You couldn’t help but laugh. “No, Silly. It’s about this group of high schoolers, part of different crowds, who all get detention and have to deal with the consequences.”

You sat down on the couch, grabbing a blanket and patting the seat on the couch next to you so he could sit down. You already had some popcorn in a bowl made sitting on the coffee table, and the lights dimmed. The perfect setting for a perfect movie.

“You sure do know a lot about this movie for not seeing it.” He mumbled sarcastically. 

Cas took his trench coat off, revealing his regular white shirt and blue tie, and folded it on the arm of the couch before sitting down next to you. You found the remote under all the blankets and pressed play.

Through all the legal warnings before all movies, you fanned the blanket over both of you. You sung both legs up onto the couch, and lent back against him. He put his arm around you and you snuggled together. He was so warm.

Answering Castiel’s questions was one of your favorite parts about hanging out with him. It was cool to see how he was exploring the world more and more every day. 

When the movie finally started, Castiel began to wonder. 

“Why is his hair so long?” He whispered, pointing to the screen at Bender, the criminal in the movie. You looked up at him to answer.

“I don’t know, I guess he looks cooler.” 


You put your head back where it was, smiling. He didn’t really get it, and that was okay. 

After a while into the movie, and Cas wasn’t asking any more questions, you moved your head up a little on his chest, listening to his heart. It was like a melody. 

You reached for the bowl of popcorn, bringing it up to your lap and offering some to the angel beside you.

“Why are these students attending on a Saturday?” Castiel wondered once again.

“Well, it’s Saturday detention, I guess they did that to take the students away from their weekends.” You explained. 

“Oh, interesting.” 

As the movie ended, you tried to not let Cas see you were wiping a tear under your eye. You loved that movie so much, you couldn’t help but shed a tear. He saw anyways.

“What’s wrong?” He went from relaxed to concerned, and you sat up and tried to tell him it was okay.

“Sorry, I just really, really like that movie.” You laughed to yourself, now embarrassed that you were crying.

“It’l be okay, I liked it too.” He put his hand on your back, rubbing it in circles.

A while later, you guys were still on the couch. Cas was petting your hair as your head was in his lap, and you were basically asleep. 

The TV was off, it was calm and quiet.

“(Y/N)? Hey, (Y/N)?” He gently shook your shoulder, and you opened your eyes, it felt like you were there for hours.

“Let’s get you to bed.” He said after you hadn’t moved. Cas stood and turned back to you, collecting you in his arms. He grabbed the blanket and brought it with him.

He walked into the bedroom hall, and you took note on how gentle he was walking, trying not to disturb you.

When he got to your room, he opened the door and set you down ever so carefully. He swept the blanket from his arms and wrapped you up in it. You opened your eyes as he was sitting on the edge of your bed.

“Thanks for tonight.” You smiled.

“I had fun.” His lips curled into a grin.

“Me too.” You yawned, causing him to lean over and kiss your forehead. 

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” 


Because if it is officially Misha approved, then great, that’s amazing.

 BUT if it is fan made…. really think about it. How inappropriate  and rude this stunt would be. Disrespecting Misha like that? No real fan of his would ever do this without his consent or knowledge. I will be pissed off if I find out that this was fan made and written in satire. If it was written as a joke, It still does not make it okay. It is not okay to push another sexuality onto someone. AND all of the shop and donate captions say all of the proceeds will be donated to RandomActs, but without any confirmation, whoever made this site could easily be scamming and making a shit load of money.