To find someone who understands you inside out, who knows you more than you do, who simply just wants you as much as you want them, is truly erotic.
—  Lukas W. // Talk about intimacy

I suppose
It doesn’t matter what you’re doing
A year is a long time

I haven’t loved him for a year
But I look forward to when I have
To a moment when I can say
The air was heavier
But our hearts remained light

And he danced with me
From the pinnacle of each month
Smoothly pirouetting into the next

We stained the blinding verity
With the blood of our love
And left our traces
Rich fingerprints
In the pulp of our romance

To My Best Friend’s Baby,

I guess it’s not correct to call you a baby. You weren’t even considered an embryo. Just a few cells. No spine or brain or heart yet. No lungs or limbs. No fingers and toes, no eyes, no hair. Just a few cells.

For 2 weeks you grew. One stupid and unexpected decision resulted in you. It shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know how it did. I have never been more afraid for her.

She had to get rid of you. For her sake. For yours. We are all so young, she’s almost 16 and so is he. I understand, and I supported her. At this time there is no other option.
Your father was upset, he was quite selfish, not thinking about how she would have to deal with his. He moved on since they broke up this summer. He found a girlfriend in the 2 weeks after this mistake and he didn’t want it ruining his life.

Did he realize what this did to her?

I know you weren’t much. I’ve tried not to think about you. It’s overwhelming to think of the ‘if’. To think about the birds(what we called our children), and think about you really being here. It’s just not time. I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry you had to exist for that short while, and I’m sorry you couldn’t go on. I will keep you in my heart forever.

I don’t get to see your mother everyday. She lives an hour from me, and my own mom doesn’t like her very much. I’m not sure when I’ll see her again, and it hurts a lot. But the thing is, your mother is the strongest person I’ve ever met. She’s okay. I do what I can, and I will make sure it stays that way. I’ll take care of here as I’ve been doing for the last 10 years.

I go to school with your father. I have to see him everyday. I know he doesn’t want to remember you.

I will do it for him. I promise.

It’s been about 2 weeks since you flew away. I know you will be happier wherever you went. For the record though, I would have loved you so fucking much.

Be free, little bird.


Your Godmother (Ginge)

P.S: you would’ve been Charlotte. I know it in my soul

There are days when I feel that the Sun is a little too bright, the water, a little too cold. And everything else is a little too loud. On such days, I want you to gently hold me and lay a kiss on my forehead. Tell me that I am still loved even when I feel a little too unloveable. Tell me that I am loved.
—  Lukas W. // Tell me I am loved